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My Mobile Wish List. Santa, Are You Listening?


Hello Cisco Mobile Community. I would like to take a minute to introduce myself. I am one of Cisco’s Chief Architects for Service Provider, focused on the evolution of mobile network architecture and services.

I will also be Cisco’s Guest Blogger for the month of January.  I am excited to discuss mobility technology, trends, and business models with all of you during the month.  I could also not resist offering an initial post before January rolls around, in the spirit of the upcoming holidays, to share my 'wish list' of mobile-related merchandise due to make a big splash in the coming months.  What's on your wish list?

Mirosol eReaderThe Qualcomm subsidiary is due to make a big splash into the rapidly-growing E-reader market with the launch of a full color E-Reader capable of not just browsing and reading static text, but also rendering video and playing games. While built-in WiFi is a good start, I would like to see this connect to Qualcomm MediaFLO networks, or even via 3G networks to Qualcomm’s app store.  Check this out at Mirasol Display's Website
Google Nexus OneThe Google Nexus One is rumored to be a fully-unlocked GSM phone built by HTC, running Google Android, sold directly by Google.  While the device itself is not too unique -- another in a long line of potential 'iPhone killers' - the business model certainly is.  Google is apparently taking a step away from traditional subsidization and exclusivity relationships that have kept the iPhone out of T-Mobile users hands. I hope January brings a spirited debate on our blog regarding devices such as these, and their impact on the mobile industry.
LG Expo smartphoneThe new LG Expo, recently launched on the AT&T network in the US, is more than just another new touchscreen smartphone in a crowded market, but also a projector. So, for you folks who get to a conference room, only to find out that the overhead projector has disappeared.. worry no more! has all the info.
Vizit photo sharing deviceVizit, by Isabella Products. In a time when the world is migrating to multi-functional devices, Isabella Products has released a single-purpose photo sharing service that relies on the mobile network for delivery from a cell phone camera to a digital picture frame. I am awaiting next year’s launch with eager anticipation. VizitMe website is a great starting point for further information.
FlipShare TV deviceFlipShare TV (a Cisco product) is another great single-purpose little device that extends the benefits of Flip cameras. If you like the simplicity of the Flip for taking videos, imagine extending that simplicity further and allowing you to display the videos on any TV. No more messing with multiple cables for audio and video -- just leave the FlipShare connected to your TV and plug the USB dongle into your PC. Viola!  The Flip website has product details available.
LTE for meTeliasonera Sweden has officially launched the first commercial LTE network.  While this is a great success for the 3GPP community and certainly just the beginning of LTE -- I just can’t quite get a LTE signal here in Boston, MA. How did that old Dire Straits song go? "I Want My L T E" ?
Clearwire 4G WiMAXTo build on the broadband theme, I will take any standardized mobile broadband technology.  WiMAX has the potential to provide me with a high-speed wireless data connection, similar to LTE, from a multitude of devices.  Fortunately for all of us, Clearwire USA’s plans for WiMAX buildout are very aggressive.  We don’t have to wait too much longer to experience 4G.  For more information on Clearwire’s build plans, and to track WiMAX availability in the US, visit Clearwire's website.
Mondi WiMAX handheldStaying on the WiMAX theme, Samsung has released a WiMAX-enabled handheld device, the Mondi, with a full QWERTY keyboard and 4.3" LCD screen. And when I leave a WiMAX coverage area, the Mondi has built-in WiFi so that I can still access the web while on the road. Samsung USA's website has a great summary of the device.
Wikireader deviceThe Wikireader is a great little device to amaze your friends to come across as very intelligent or grossly mis-informed (sometimes) on any topic. While today's Wikireader is basically Wikipedia-on-a-memory-stick, I still hold out hope that a 3G radio will eventually find its way into this device.
CiscoPress: IP Design for Mobile NetworksConsider this my shameless plug and self-promotion of my own book. IP Design for Mobile Networks provides a great overview of mobile technologies and strategies that will shape the evolution of 3G and 4G mobile networks for years to come. I find that a deep technical dive into the inner-workings of OFDM, IMS, SIGTRAN, and CEoPS makes a great stocking-stuffer for your loved ones. You can buy your copy from Cisco Press.

Have a happy holidays and looking forward to seeing and interacting with everyone in the new year!

Kevin Shatzkamer
Chief Architect, Service Provider
Cisco Systems

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