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New Guest Blogger: Jorge Mario Guzman


1.How long have you been in Telecom? What excites you the most about mobility? What disappoints you the most about mobility?

I’ve working in telecommunications for seven years now, my first enrollment in the field allowed me to work with amazing people installing and configuring air traffic control radars in beautiful places across Colombia. My biggest passion on wireless technology is the fact that it is changing human behavior, and that change feeds back to business, research and development in the industry. About disappointments, I think I’ll be addressing a lot of those in several blog entries, but to name a few now, I can say that the lack of boldness of investors, providers and the general industry in my region to push new business models, is something that discourage a lot of colleagues and friends. Another issue that becomes the center of conversation most of the time among friends (of course causing non Teleco savvy listeners to be bored to death) is the fact that actors on the field refuse to give up old conceptions and out of date organizational habits that handicap the development of wireless and telecommunications in countries all over the region.

2.In your opinion, what are the key market drivers, opportunities, and challenges for Service Providers?

I have to say convergence is the key when it comes to getting a lot of people on board of what I like to call the “moving culture”, and that convergence must come in the form of network infrastructure, at the core and at the access, also in the service the end user ends up paying for and finally but more importantly on the way developers and big players build their apps and services. Another factor is that voice is still the killer of the killer apps (it’s very likely you’ll read that phrase a lot in my blogs) but it doesn’t have to be the main revenue source for operators anymore, especially when the most influential citizens of the moving culture take voice for granted, they will be more willing to pay for a data centric plan with some voice minutes included than for a voice centric plan with some Mbytes on it. (Citizens of the moving culture will be addressed in one of my coming posts).

3.Where do you think mobility will be in 5-10 years from now?

Pervasiveness and ubiquity in the form of context aware networks.  Imagine to use a service that “lives” in every electronic device you like to use now, and that depending on your location, time of the day, day of the year and even mood (Yes mood!), gives you exactly what you need and when you need it. Let’s say on a Friday night you’ve just exit a bar where you and your friends were having a good time and you immediately receive an interactive message from your service provider at your preferred device that request: “press 1 to confirm a cab, press 2 to receive suggested dinner locations, press 3 to call someone or press 4 to cancel”, neat don’t you think?

Additionally, being a fluent English and Spanish speaker, I will be writing some of my future posts in both languages.

I look forward to sharing more blog posts in the near future,

Jorge Mario Guzmán

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Hello,  I look forward to reading more of your blogs in the future and exchanging ideas and visions for the Mobile SP community in general.



Sure, we'll be waiting for your posts in Spanish too !!!!




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