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New Guest Blogger: Kit Kilgour


1.      How long have you been in Telecom? What excites you the most about mobility? What disappoints you the most about mobility?

I’ve been in Telecom for 12 years or so, working on both the handset and the radio network side, most recently for small cell provider ip.access. What excites me now about mobility is the range of technologies and standards we have developed and are developing to provide bandwidth across an aggregate of many wireless and fixed technologies. What disappoints me the most technically is the difficulty we face in providing a seamless, clean handover between all these technologies – but that is a challenge to work on.

2.      In your opinion, what are the key market drivers, opportunities, and challenges for Service Providers?

I believe that the key market drivers for Service Providers are cost, efficiency and delivering bandwidth with a quality of service. They have a great opportunity to both enable and provide a compelling and intelligent range of services by utilising the full range of tools and technologies now becoming available. I feel that Service Providers will have to fight to own the customer and demonstrate their value-add over OTT Application / 3rd party service providers. At the same time they will have to balance their desire to optimize the user radio experience and their network loading over the user’s wish to utilize their subscription to a range of services, possibly supplied by competitors or other application providers.

3.      Where do you think mobility will be in 5-10 years from now?

I think that there will be a whole range of techniques in use across different radio technologies (3G, LTE, LTE-A, WiFi, …) mainly in a HetNet configuration with sophisticated self-organisation, interference coordination and control, and supporting 1000x the current data load with the assistance of many millions of small cells. There will be a lot more effort on optimised routing of user data. I also see the increasing use of locally shared radio spectrum where devices will take out a temporary lease on what they need to use.

I look forward to sharing more blog posts in the near future


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Cisco Employee

Hello Kit and welcome to Cisco's Mobile Community.  I look forward to reading more of your blogs in the future and exchanging ideas and visions for the Mobile SP community in general.

Once again, a warm and hearty welcome.

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