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New white paper on transition to 4G IP core


A white paper I just wrote on the transition to the 4G IP core for mobile operators that is sponsored by Cisco is now available for download here (and attached to this post). paper is about how mobile broadband requires operators to change  the way they manage data services. The transition to a 4G IP network  will give them the tools to manage traffic actively and achieve three  goals:

  • Increase network efficiency and capacity, lowering transport costs
  • Offer service plans that are more flexible, fair, and personalized
  • Maximize revenues from subscribers, applications and content providers, and vertical applications

Key topics covered in the paper:

  • More efficient use of network resources.  This is required in order to expand network capacity to meet  subscribers' demand in a cost effective way, which will enable operators  to operate profitably.
  • More flexible, fair, and personalized service plans. Mobile operators  realize they have to move beyond flat-fee unlimited plans. To improve  their subscribers' experience and differentiate their services from the  competition, they can add features that allow them to move beyond capped  plans.
  • Maximize revenues. Flat-fee unlimited plans are not effective at  segmenting the market and gaining revenues from added-value services,  because for many potential subscribers the available plans are too  expensive, or do not offer the features they want. A wider choice in  service plans can address the demand from these subscribers, and raise  data revenues. Furthermore, mobile broadband can create new revenue  streams from advertisers and content and applications providers, and  facilitate the development of new business models that make mobile data  services more attractive, easier to use, and more effective. Mobile  operators can also gain additional revenues from vertical applications,  through partnerships with MVNOs, enterprises and public agencies.

I hope you will find it interesting - and look forward to your comments and feedback


Senza Fili Consulting

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