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Open Mobile Summit – How Do You Define Mobility?


By: Darshita Maniar

Hi Everyone! My name is Darshita Maniar and this is my first blog since I joined Cisco in August! As a new grad hire for the Service Provider Marketing Mobility team, I got to attend my first mobility conference, Open Mobile Summit 2011, last week in San Francisco! I had a wide range of experiences, from learning about the new, up-to-date mobility trends from some of the most respected technology gurus in the Silicon Valley to discussing each attendee's perspectives on how mobile our world is becoming.

The 3-day conference covered perspectives from multiple angles onhow mobility is viewed in the world today. Executives from the service provider industry spoke on the new emerging 4G mobile broadband technology, new businessdynamics and monetization models for the entire value chain. Representatives from mobile payment companies, investment firms, entertainment companies,mobile advertising, mobile enterprise, mobile healthcare and more discussed the future of each industry and where the market momentum is going.

I would have to say that my favorite part of the conference was the time I spent meeting different attendees from different mobile companies and discussing the opportunities and trends in the mobile technology industry.The panels were great, very interactive and allowed the audience to feel like they are a part of the conversation instead of listening to the conversation.

Throughout the event I met some interesting people who were very passionate about the future of mobility. To learn more about peoples' perspectives on mobility, I played a word association game with some of the speakers and attendees from the conference, asking them " What is the first word that comes to your mind when I say the word: "mobility"? I got some interesting and unique responses. To find out what peoples' responses were, watch my video from the summit below:


Thanks for watching and reading, and I will be back in February with updates from Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona!

Darshita Maniar

SP Mobility Marketing Manager

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Creative and insightful - I liked the many takes on the word Mobility.  Mine: The Future

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