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Packet Capture Capabilities of Cisco Routers and Switches

Cisco Employee

Hi Folks, Hitesh Kumar (CCIE SP #38757) and myself Rahul Rammanohar CCIE (R&S, SP #13015) work for the High Touch Technical Support (HTTS) team here at Cisco. Our team provides reactive technical support to majority of Cisco’s premium customers. We have created the following video that includes packet capture capabilities across multiple Cisco routers and switches. For each product, we start off by talking about the theory of the capability, followed by an explanation of the commands and finally a Demo on real devices.

We will take your questions and follow up on this video with an 'Ask The Expert' event soon, look forward to seeing you there.

Agenda with the timestamp when each of the packet capture capability begins.

  • 00:00 - Introduction
  • 01:20 - 7600/6500 - Mini Protocol Analyzer (MPA)
  • 08:39 - 7600/6500 - ELAM
  • 15:30 - 7600/6500 - Netdr
  • 19:38 - ASR9k - Network Processor Capture
  • 28:00 - 7200/ISRs - Embedded Packet Capture
  • 34:55 - Nexus 7K, 5K and 3K - Ethanalyzer
  • 43:42 - Nexus 7K - ELAM
  • 52:37 - CRS - Show Captured Packets
  • 56:45 - ASR1K - Embedded Packet Capture


Thanks for watching our video, feel free to post your questions, comments and feedback below.

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Load the script and it will work fine for chrome and firefox.

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