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QR Codes: Making the Holidays Easier


Christmas is around the corner and as most people are spreading the Holiday cheer, I can't help but hear the constant noise of "chuh-ching" ringing in my ear. Where else to hear that oh not so lovely noise  than from the Mecca of shopping: Macy's. I was going through Macy's shopping for some gifts for the holidays when I remembered a commercial I saw promoting their QR Code. Macy's has started these QR codes where you can scan them with your mobile phone and have it link you directly to a particular destination - in this case, exclusive videos from designers talking about their clothing line. When desperately in need for gift ideas, these QR codes will help with knowing where to go inside the store, especially when the store is packed with hyenas ready to pounce on their next potential present. I like to get in and get out of stores so sometimes having Tommy Hilfiger himself telling me a great gift idea will quicken that process and lead me directly to where I need to go while, at the same time, watching something entertaining on my phone as I take the escalator up to the department.

Codes, Codes, Codes - they're everywhere and making life so much easier. For example, I will be travelling this holiday season to Texas to spend some catching up time with a dear old friend. Remember before when you went to the airport, you had to wait in that long line to check in, pick up your boarding pass and line up at security? Now, I can simply do my check in online 24 hours beforehand and have codes emailed to my phone. This will allow me to pass the check in line and go directly to the security line and boarding gate where they can verify my boarding code on my mobile's screen. Yes, yes, I am sure this is all so old to you but what can I say? I am easily amazed and probably won't get over this new development until I have grandkids and tell them "back in my day before codes and mobile devices...".

Happy and Safe Holidays! See you in 2012!



Coming Up

Look forward to more blog posts relating the two things I love: Technology and the Holidays.

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