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Redefining Mobile @ Mobile World Congress 2012

Cisco Employee

Since the GSM Association first held this annual conference in 1987, it has now grown to be the largest venue within the Mobile Industry, now breaking record attendance in 2012:

  • over 60,000 participants
  • over 12,000 App Developers
  • over 4,000 CEO's
  • over 3,000 members of the Press
  • approx 1500 Exhibitors

Some refer to this as the Oscar's of the Mobile Industry, yet hundreds of times larger, this annual mega-event will now be held at Fira de Barcelona until 2018. This year's theme is "Redefining Mobile". Which I think is quite deserved.

MWC has always been a premiere event for mobile operators, network infrastructure vendors, handset and device manufacturers, application developers, and services companies. 2012 marks an important turn in the evolution of mobile technology and proliferation of wireless within other industries. There will be special focus on health monitoring devices, embedded payment terminals, as well as integration within cars, home monitors / controls, appliances, utility meters, and transport / fleet management systems.

(Image source: cec900)

Today, mobile is not just about Mobile Handsets or Tablets, the industry has truly redefined the Mobile Experience.
My 4 year old girl is a great comparison of how much the industry as a whole has come forward. She does not know how to use a mouse (thanks to abundance of touch screen devices), and likely never will learn what MS-DOS or ASCII level programming is. She now gets frustrated at the living room TV, when she tries to touch the display with her hands, expecting the program to display her Sprout network favorites, and nothing happens. In her 4 year old mind, everthing is touch enabled, and on demand when she wants it.

Kids are spending more time in front of a screen than ever
(Image Source: Kiwi Commons)

We have a long way to go as an industry to enable the next generation of users and experiences, but I somehow think we are now enabling a new way of connected life, one device, one touch, one app, one child at a time.......

Get ready for MWC 2012 coming up February 27-March 1 in Barcelona. For more information on Cisco at Mobile World Congress 2012, click here.


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