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Responsiveness and Support Forum issues

Cisco Employee

Hi folks

Back in August the Support Forums migrated to a new platform. 

As we had set up a "follow" on our XR OS and Platforms section to our larger Cisco XR escalation team, since that migration we noticed what felt like a drop in activity in the forums!!

Coming to investigate, when commenting on a document/article no notifications are sent! Also when a new Q&A is posted or responses, many times no notification is generated.

It resulted in some of you being disappointed on what you experienced as a lack of response from our end! :) That disappointment was verbalized in some of the "private messages" sent.

This is NOT good of course and this note is merely to share with you that Aleks and I recognize this problem and we're trying to work with the forums people to fix this so we can get back to the better place we were before this summer.

So please stand by while we go through this. Meanwhile if you have a post that doesnt seem to get traction or attention, do send a "manual" notification to to draw our attention to it.

For now it may be best to generate new Q&A's and not to comment on documents for the moment.

Apologies for this!

alexander and aleksandar