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Scary Movie


My 15 year old daughter watches a lot of video over the Internet.  She and all of her friends are into Japanese anime shows. Apart from a few broadcast shows most of this is only available on the Internet – and they say that all the good stuff is online only.  It’s also most only in Japanese with English subtitles.  So she is learning Japanese.

She also texts a lot.  We keep telling her to call someone if she needs information, but she and her friends would rather use SMS to exchange many short messages, even if it’s inefficient.  I had to move her to an all-you-can-eat plan, not for the minutes, but for the bucket of texts.

She currently still uses a feature phone, because I’m scared of what would happen if I got her a full smartphone.  Once people start an online behavior on a laptop, it usually isn’t very long before they want to do it while mobile. Imagine my first monthly bill, after she starts watching endless anime on an Android or Apple……

Subscribers aren’t the only ones concerned about the costs of over-the-top video.  With volumes more than doubling every year, mobile service providers are paying attention too.  The challenge is to find ways to manage the growth of video content, yet to do it in such a way as not to restrict users or degrade the quality of experience.

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