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Steve Chen "Took" My Lunch Money


Why is everyone except me making money off my mobile network?

Let me tell you my story about Steve. Well, he wasn't alone.  He had accomplices......Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim were there too.  Perhaps I could have fought off all three, but then Larry Page and Sergey Brin showed up, and that was too much.  What did they want to gang up on me for?  After all, they're all billionaires.

So I was running my little wireless company, and things were going just fine.  Sure, we were having to expand some as people started to actually use all that 3G data stuff, but it wasn't bad.  Just a few emails here and there, and the occasional MMS video.  But very few of my customers even knew what MMS was, and they did use a lot of voice minutes.

Then came the iPhone.  Oh, I forgot to mention Steve Jobs, but he wasn't really one of the gang, he just looked on and smirked a bit.  He made the smartphone a reality, and then doubled down with the iPad.  Now 25% of all my subscribers have a smartphone, or a tablet, or even a smartphone AND a tablet, and they consume data like it's going bad tomorrow.  And over half of it's video, which is really stressing my backhaul - I'm having to replace all my T1's with Ethernet and wireless, do you know?  Next it'll be fiber!  Sheesh!

So who's making the money?  Yes, it's those guys - the one's at YouTube and Google, and other places.  They're getting a free ride running over the top of my network, and I'm the one who's going to have to build more cell-sites, expand my backhaul, and try and find a way to pay for it all.

And now this: "Mobile Network Operator Revenues to Exceed $1 trillion by 2016, but Rising Costs Threaten Profitability, Juniper Research warns".  Do they think I don't know already?  Here, you can read it for yourself, and make your own decision:

We're going to have to do something about all this free video.  You know, it's fair and OK that my subscribers want to watch video on my network, but somehow it has to be paid for.  And perhaps there's clever things my network guys can do to reduce the impact, and even help me find ways to offer better service and charge a premium.  Optimizing, monetizing and offloading, that'll help immensely.  Isn't there something called Mobile Videoscape? Perhaps then I can keep my lunch money next week.

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