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The Latest Gadgets: Determining Factor in the Rules of Attraction?


February is the month for the highly anticipated, or for some the highly dreaded, holiday of Valentine's Day. Instead of focusing on love for another, let's focus on the love for hot gadgets. Some love hot gadgets so much that they have made it an attraction factor in thier dating life. I was skimming through the web as most of us do and came across an intersting article on blogs titled Looking for Love? That iPad Probably Won't Help.  Apparently, "Retrevo conducted a study by checking the preferences of a sample size of over 1,000 people distributed across gender, age, income, and location in the United States". Here are some of the results (cited from the article):

  • Males and rich people are more interested in gadgets (and the people who use them) than females and non-rich people.
  • 50% of the male participants reported that they would be more attracted to a person who was using a cool phone, while only 42% of men would be interested in a person reading a book
  • 36% of male respondents said iPad-usage would be an attraction factor
  • 38% of female respondents said they’d be interested in and attracted to someone using a cool laptop, while 36% said they’d feel the same way about a cool phone and 29% said they thought an iPad would be attractive
  • 71% of people making more than $200,000 per year said they find cool cell phones attractive, 61% of that group said they find cool laptops attractive, and 54% said they liked people using iPads.


Interesting isn't it? I am not surprised the percentanges were less than 50% for most of the responses, but I am still surprised at how high they are. I was expecting 10% or at least < 20% of respondents to make an iPad or cool laptop, phone a factor in their sets of attraction, but I guess we never know until we get out there and find the answers ourselves, which is what Retrevo did. I can honestly say I am not surprised at all at the high percentages drawn in from the more high level income tech lovers. With their $200,000 they should just buy everyone a cool laptop, phone and/or iPad and they can be attracted to everyone around them. I guess the latest gadgets have become the new "hot car" factor. Personally, I love neat gadgets like my phone and laptop but I like to keep my relationship with them separate from my personal relationships. That's just me, but I guess 38% would think differently.

Coming Up

Look forward to more blog posts relating the two things I love: Technology and the Holidays.

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