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Thinking Big with Small Cells


In today’s world, Wi-Fi has become more of a necessity than ever. If we look at how quickly the mobile internet has infiltrated our day to day lifestyle, it is clear that strong, reliable access to the mobile network is almost mandatory. Unlicensed Wi-Fi technologies have become more ubiquitous than ever before and today, we are moving towards having licensed small cell technology as accessible. At Cisco, we have been drumming the beat on the importance of the future of mobility, and how important of a role small cells will play. Last week, we launched Big Thinkers in Small Cells, a thought leadership portal that brings global mobile industry leaders together to discuss key industry topics around Small Cells. This portal includes videos and blogs with visionaries such as:

  • Paul Jacobs, CEO of Qualcomm: Self Organizing Networks, Value of the Network
  • Jim Peters, CTO of SITA: Small Cell Experiences, Business Models and Monetization Opportunities 
  • Gabriel Brown, Senior Analyst at Heavy Reading: The Value of the Network, Bringing Licensed and Unlicensed Technologies Together
  • Teresa McEneny, Director of Mobile Internet, Cisco: Market Perspective, Small Cell Experiences
  • Bob Friday, CTO of Wireless Networking Group, Cisco: Standards, Business Model and Monetization Opportunities, Small Cell Experiences
  • Paul Mankiewich, CTO of MITG, Cisco: Value of the Network, Market Perspectives, Self Organizing Networks
  • Stuart Taylor, Managing Director of IBSG, Cisco: Monetization and Business Models
  • Mark Grayson, Distinguished Consulting Engineer, Cisco: Value of the Network, Bringing Licensed and Unlicensed Technologies Together, Self Organizing Networks

Together they are shaping the small cell industry and have real insight of how small cells will change the way mobile devices access the mobile internet.

As a part of the Big Thinkers in Small cells portal, there will be a 6 week blog series beginning from the beginning of April that features each Cisco expert’s perspective on key topics such as SON, Monetization and Business Models, Bringing Licensed and Unlicensed Technologies together, Small Cell Visionary Views and more. Check out the first blog of the series Introduction of Big Thinkers in Small Cells by Jared Headley, Senior Director of Small Cell Solutions at Cisco. 


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Blog 4: Bridging Licensed and Unlicensed Small Cells Together
Cisco Small Cell Solutions

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