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Usability functionality read out status so far

Cisco Employee

Hi Folks, as per earlier ask it was mentioned if we could give a read out on the current usability improvements made so far.

This is the list that we have been implementing. There are many more to come in future releases like 533 and forward in XR6 also we'll continue to integrate helpful things.

Note that the "first release" where it says 533 and 60/61 etc is target for the moment.


Feature nameDDTS idFirst shipping release
MPLS TE Autoroute Destination enhancementsCSCuf2630004.03.02
BGP multipath enhancement to use igp-metric for multipath selectionCSCuh1234804.03.02
Implement - show bgp [vrf <name>] scaleCSCud4425905.01.00
Lack ability to set IP Precedence TOS or DSCP for outgoing syslog pktsCSCtg8759605.01.01
Syslog with the exact link id in LSP Failure scenariosCSCtl1220205.01.01
Pre-socket IPP setting for TelnetCSCtz2424305.01.01
Place last the "inheritance" keyboard when using "show run <submode>" commandsCSCuc7423705.01.01
Include MPLS-TE tunnel signalled name in all logging output messagesCSCue1885905.01.01
"show mpls traffic-eng" output must include signaled name in command outputCSCue1886205.01.01
Provide commit failure details as part of commit execution outputCSCue3151505.01.01
MPLS-TE auto-bandwidth syslog message output enhancementsCSCue3154405.01.01
Enable command chaining over SSH sessionCSCue3330405.01.01
FTP should close socket after keep expiry or hard idle timeoutCSCug3477705.01.01
Unable to override parameters back to default values when they have been modified via flex-cli config groupsCSCuh0713105.01.01
XML interface for NP debug countersCSCuj2637405.01.01
Need add SCP support for ASR9KCSCuj5725605.01.01
Shortcut name for bundle-ether to BECSCuh0452605.01.03
RSVP-TE logging enhancementsCSCuh0770005.01.03
Add support for TE tunnel interfaces to "monitor interface" commandCSCuj6694705.01.03
DNS resolve - resolve IP addresses to Host names on "show mpls traffic-eng" commandCSCuj6904205.01.03
"show inventory" command truncates plugable optic serial numberCSCum1253305.01.03
SCP doesn't show a progress barCSCum4886605.01.03
XML TE attribute brokenCSCun9329605.01.03
TCP slow transferCSCuo2588705.01.03
IPv6 ND should print Interface name when Duplicate Address is configuredCSCuo5702905.01.03
Lower the severity from critical to warning in PFM for non-cisco SFPCSCuo7103405.01.03
TE tunnel display using interface's descriptionCSCuo9794905.01.03
Auto-backup TE tunnel signalled name configuration knobCSCup1633005.01.03
Decode RRO Flags into Strings in show mpls traf tunnelsCSCup5320605.01.03
XML for all transit LSPs transiting a specific interface onlyCSCup7230505.01.03
SNMP MPLS TE: Need to populate auto-bw snmp data for tunnel indexCSCuq1256705.01.03
Display of configuration differences as part of pre-commit commandCSCub9665305.02.00
Prevent destructive edits of route-policyCSCul9662805.02.00
Command equivalent to shell utility of GNU/linux grep -ACSCsy5207005.02.02
Add ACL/selective match criteria to LPTS configuration profilesCSCui2889705.02.02
sh config failed should highlight the config causing semantic error.CSCuo3039605.02.02
XML query to fetch a summary of transit LSP'sCSCup7232305.02.02
BGP Per-Neighbor Prefix Advertisement CounterCSCup7363605.02.04
Enhance output of "show mpls traffic-eng topology srlg"CSCup7877905.02.04
Ingress netflow shows TE tunnel instead of physical/bundlle egress interfaceCSCuq4159805.02.04
Need ability to throttle FRR Ready MessageCSCus2899405.02.04
feature to suppress FRR-Ready syslogCSCut2129205.02.04
RESMON enhancments for NG-XR 5.2.5CSCue4108105.02.05
egrep -A not working on post 5.2.2,5.2.3, and 5.3.0CSCut4856705.02.05
util egrep command count options does not workCSCuu9709405.02.05
commit show-error should remain in config submode after failureCSCur0068905.02.21
Need to remain in config submode for show commit changes diffCSCur0780605.02.21
EXEC cmd to modify auto-bw bw request immediately w/specific bw amountCSCul0095005.03.00
Set rsvp reserved bandwidth flood thresholds w/ single percentage valueCSCuo0180405.03.00
Enable ISIS announcement of maximum link metric for all NLRIsCSCuo1057105.03.00
"show configuration failed load" should point out where the syntax error isCSCup5570505.03.00
Need a command to show all interfaces configured for Netflow in asr9kCSCtc8272805.03.01
Replace pattern in config terminalCSCte8134505.03.01
XR: Remove "license <type> location all" CLI for slot based licensesCSCty1776605.03.01
To support tech-support for ntpCSCty7882105.03.01
BGP session flaps when ignore-connected-check is configured / unconfiguredCSCub6168205.03.01
Show tech support should be made available for RMCSCub8136205.03.01
SECURITY-login-6-AUTHEN_SUCCESS needs upper case login log standardsCSCub9667105.03.01
Support of predefined "nd-na" and "nd-ns" keywords in XR IPv6 ICMP ACLCSCue1900705.03.01
Non-interactive EXEC commandsCSCue3327405.03.01
Add xml support for "show controllers tengige/gige/hundredGigE phy"CSCue4677405.03.01
IOS-XR - location keyword should be removed from install operationsCSCuh8717705.03.01
XML support for "show hw-module fpd location all"CSCuj1555305.03.01
show qos for bundle should report info for all membersCSCul8162205.03.01
ASR9K Fabric VOQ Serviceability CLI improvementsCSCun0821805.03.01
No support for wildcards for SCPCSCun3987905.03.01
"sh controllers TenGigE * phy" needs interface name in the outputCSCuo0175005.03.01
Support for error counters in "monitor interface Bundle-Ether *"CSCuo1566405.03.01
Alias repeat=count and df-bit=donotfrag in ping commandCSCuq1044005.03.01
Need confirmation for copy configuration to runCSCus0551505.03.01
Rollback needs to load the config and then we should commitCSCus0826105.03.01
Feature request to Admin shut down ospf via protocol shutdown CLICSCus1229305.03.01
incorrect behavior for few commands when non-interactive is enabledCSCut2760205.03.01
BGP Graceful ShutdownCSCsl0848405.03.02
Support Interface Range command for configurationCSCsm7699005.03.02
Not able to modify RPL and delete prefix-set in a single commitCSCti5022705.03.02
TE-MIB slow when polling to nonexistent LSPsCSCtz2222405.03.02
Selective configuration replace without use of no commandsCSCue3158405.03.02
Syslog infrastructure enhancement for XR - Configurable UDP portCSCug0822605.03.02
Apply-groups priority inheritenceCSCui1581305.03.02
XML support for "show processes memory"CSCui8293305.03.02
LPTS XML supportCSCuj1073705.03.02
Disk/Storage Utilization through XMLCSCuj1074705.03.02
Last link flapped time in "show interface" for CLI and XMLCSCul2025105.03.02
TCP Establishment DSCP/Prec markeing for NTPCSCul5230305.03.02
Logging discriminators - Ability to create different user-defined log files based on keywordsCSCuo4910705.03.02
Increase last 10 preemption events limit in “ show mpls traffic preemption log” to 2000CSCur2215605.03.02
Misleading timeout message at bootup of ASR9922 with dual RPs in 5.1.3CSCur7439505.03.02
Need shortcut name for pseudowire ether to PECSCur9117905.03.02
Provide option to limit ltrace shmem usage with scaling optionCSCus3918805.03.02
OSPF: show command option to display default/non-default vrfCSCus8775805.03.02
Configured VRF names missing from help output in certain ping / traceroute commandsCSCus8823905.03.02
VRF aware IP-MIB Implementation for IOS-XRCSCus8955205.03.02
SNMP should allow configuring the same community for v4 and v6 with ACLCSCus8970905.03.02
Initiate switchover upon wdsysmon detecting minor/severe/critical  levelCSCut3053705.03.02
Eliminate warning present in output of "show hw-module fpd"CSCut5903405.03.02
Flexible location of "vrf" keyword in CLI PING / TRACEROUTE commands.CSCut6789405.03.02
entSensorMeasuredEntity support on asr9kCSCut8117205.03.02
Configured VRF names missing from help output in SHOW IPV4/IPV6 VRF cmdsCSCut8122305.03.02
SVS FB 513: Netconf interface fails to startCSCut8400305.03.02
FPD auto-upgrade on newly inserted linecardsCSCut9570805.03.02
SSTE:  Enhance Netconf debugabilityCSCuu2644105.03.02
provide show command to display list of wdsysmon OOR aware processesCSCuu3710105.03.02
ICMP Time Exceeded Msg Not Generated Correctly per RFC4884 and RFC1812CSCuu6860705.03.02
Umbrella DDTS for interface-range issuesCSCuu8560005.03.02
ICMP Time Exc Msg Not Generated Correctly per RFC4884 and RFC1812 - IPv6CSCuv0443505.03.02
Improper inherited config after deletion and addition of flex-cli groupCSCuv5572105.03.02
need standard task group with only read permissions for all tasksCSCuj9748005.03.03
Syslog Logging local-file destination with discriminatorsCSCuu2523105.03.03
Support only force downgrade and Modify UP_REV syslog, show cli for VKG_CARD_TYPE_LC_AVSMCSCuu8829005.03.03
Configuration rollback to specific Commit ID in EXEC modeCSCuv3938905.03.03
New option for Configuration RollbackCSCuv3944805.03.03


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