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What is Signal Level? (Report Overview)


Cisco’s Ron Hranac, Technical Leader in the Cable Access Business Unit, is known in the cable industry for the hundreds of articles he wrote for Communications Technology magazine over a nearly 28-year period. Communications Technology ceased publication in late 2012, but he recently started writing for Broadband Technology Report ( Ron just authored a two-part article for BTR titled “What is Signal Level?”.

When one measures signal level at the output of an amplifier, the input to a cable modem, TV set or set-top, just what is it that's being measured? The short answer is one is measuring the amplitude of a signal or signals, but what does that mean? And is measuring signal level enough? Understanding the nuts and bolts of signal level is an important skill for technical personnel in cable. “What is Signal Level?” discusses the importance of equipment calibration, provides troubleshooting tips, and emphasizes the importance of understanding the limitations of signal level measurements: Sometimes signal level is OK, but signal quality is not. Ron covers all of this and more in “What is Signal Level?”.

The full article is available for download at the following URLs:

“What is Signal Level? – Part 1”:

What is Signal Level? – Part 2”:


Ron Hranac

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