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XR usability and debugability! Got a wish? COMMENT!

Cisco Employee

Usability and debugability is close to my heart. We have all so many "little things" that we always wanted to see and have in XR that never seem to happen.


On Tuesday July 29th we're having a development event to take care of as many usability enhancements as we can!!

The target is to create a feature pack (a-la the now "well-known" service packs) with all the existing smu's, but with this extra functionality. After the event, we'll post a read-out as to what it is that you're gonna get from this.

What I need from YOU!

I am sure you have a need or idea, if you can comment and post a comment with your list of requirements so I can add them to the dev list for the usability event. I need as many ideas as we can!

If you have a desire or idea, this is YOUR chance to get it on the list and have it taken care of sooner then you'd expect.

Now one gotcha (of course :) large(r) features we can't pull off in that event, but all kinds of little show, debug or usability enhancements sure thing. So eg interface-range, yup I know that one, that is a bit too big due to complexity, but removing the \n from the bgp v6 neighbor (my pet-peeve) is definitely something! And oh, we're already getting the BE/bundle-ether mapping in 513 :)

Got an idea?! SHARE!!!





The desire for the ACL use within a directed broadcast is to be able to support a less risky WoL service and not take the setting of a fixed ARP entry+ACL method of doing so.

DHCPv6 relay - perhaps I'm stuck in my ways, but being stateless has fewer parts involved to go wrong, and less to remember when troubleshooting.  I suppose if one's environment happens to be made of only IOS-XR devices that's less of an issue. But in networks where having both stateless and stateful methods exist, it's be nice to have the option to use whichever you'd prefer.  Again, perhaps I'm missing the reason why stateful is superior to stateless.

I thought of another request:    How about a method to further anonymize 'sh tech' , for example by replacing all IP addresses and account names with <removed> via  "show tech anonymize"




Cisco Employee

Thanks for that explanation Gary, makes sense indeed!

Also your tech idea has value.

I am adding them to the list, can't promise if they will all be done this coming Tues, but we will have DDTS's to track so if not coming week then at some point for sure!

thanks for all the ideas, appreciate it!!


Hi Xander,


Thats great news that there will be some DDTS´s...can you release them so we can track the enhancements?




Cisco Employee

hi florian, definitely after the event, I will give a read out as to what has been completed and when to expect! Hopefully it will be a success and we'll run it again in different locations with more results, but that to be determined! :)

talk soon,



Oops, just saw this one.


For bundles, a quick way to monitor/look at/compare the bundle members traffic. I know I can monitor several interfaces on the command line at once 'monitor int te0/3/0/0 te0/4/0/0' but for a bundle of 10 interfaces it becomes annoying - the router already knows what interfaces are bundle members, why can't it just do it? monitor bundle-ethernet2001 members (or somesuch).


Add M-ISIS (or equivalent) to 'show isis nei' so you can tell at a glance which of your neighbors are configured for multi topology (show clns nei on classic does this)

A method to add comments or clear comments to a particular line of configuration at a later date 


Understand this request is late for your project but thought I'd tag this feature request onto this thread.

Perhaps I'm unaware, but I don't think there's ever been a way to test an ACL (or other form of filtering) via any Cisco OS.

I know one could log each ACL entry, but yuck.

It would be helpful to have a CLI method way to test how a specified flow falls through an ACL.
More generically, having a method to test any form of v4/v6 filtering/policy config.

Having just upgraded one to 5.2.2 using channels and looking to use the 'be' interface shorthand.  

This works - yay!

RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:GW-ASR#sh int be 3
Wed Dec 24 12:09:32.344 EST
Bundle-Ether3 is down, line protocol is down
  Interface state transitions: 0

However, this does not.. <sigh>

RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:GW-ASR(config)#int be 3
% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.

Cisco Employee

Garry... yes, you won't be able to do show int be3 either, we know that, we're going to fix that. Santa is half way down the chimney!.. Ironic, working with another customer and saw the same today.. we're on it.



I'm working with 5.3 now and wondering if there was ever an result from this effort that could be shared?

Any thoughts on making an XR feature request drive an annual event or perhaps a sticky top level XR discussion?

I've still a ongoing feature desire related to CSCug38048, but I'll update that thread with a note instead of mentioning it here -

Cisco Employee

Oh definitely and it is quite substantial too Gary!

As a matter of fact during this year's Cisco live in sandiego I tried to capture as many of the usability enhancements that have been put place, you can get the deck here

Another good part is that the event we held last year was my hope and proof of concept to make the device adjust to the user instead the user to the device. In that single day last year 38 items were tackled. Because of the great outcome, experience and reception, this event has been repeated on multiple locations now with more results and even better an ongoing focus on usability!! This so far has resulted in 300+ items from small to big(ger) getting implemented!

So that is the good news, sad news is your request has not been implemented yet,but as per other discussion where I responded, I'll try to get you something.





great - thanks for the link and as always, your quick responses!


> make the device adjust to the user

insert mindblown emoji here



Hi Xander,
that's good to hear, although I can absolutely understand Garry because a lot of ideas were suggested here (and acknowleged) but the status is very unclear as well as an ETA, if there's any.
In fact, I had almost the same question in my mind.

So I'm wondering if it might be possible to share some kind of a list with the requested and / or acknowleged ideas and the associated DDTS cases?
That way, possible duplicates can be reduced and everybody can keep track of what's going on.

Maybe you can also take a look over to CA, they're now highly involving their users with new ideas and features including votes for specific requests (e.g.[published]~category[ca-spectrum]).




Cisco Employee

Hi Christoph, fair ask, let me see if I can summarize that and share it here.

Many of the results were captured in the CL preso referenced also you may be interested in to see.

I'll have a look at the CA link you referenced.




Hi Xander,
the link wasn't really working for me, but my "internal error correction" lead me to BRKSPG-2904 ( from CLUS this year.
Indeed, the "Usability Enhancements" section was exactly what I was missing here, thanks for the hint.

Nevertheless it would be a good idea to keep track of this here too, I think, so the way CA is dealing with that with their products might be also an "inspiration" for Cisco.

Don't get me wrong, you guys are doing a really great job here, far better than any other BU, IMHO.
I'd wish other BUs might take this as an example for their products, not only with improvements / features requests, but also with support, so a big "thumbs up" & "thank you" for you here! :-)



Cisco Employee

ah haha super thanks Christoph!

yeah you know comments and discussions like this help me substantiate and solidify and ensure that the right direction is chosen for the deliverables that folks require.

I'll work on a more frequent documentation in this regard so that everyone is kept in the loop and knows what's going on.

In relation to other product groups, I'll make sure this message is being heard and received! As a matter of fact in my expanded role now I have the ability to steer other product groups (mainly from the routing side though) in the same direction!!!



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