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Your Mobile Device ... It's Personal


Your Mobile Device … It’s Personal

By:  Nora Goodman / @MsMobileConverg

The email address, the toothbrush, the unmentionables, the mobile phone … what do they all have in common?  Items one uses every day? Yes.  Items others do not borrow? Yes. Items of a personal nature?  Yes!  All of the above!

One's mobile phone is very personal. It is the one item that belongs to a singular person and is not shared. Imagine such an item … one carries it with them, one privatizes it, one handles it carefully, and one may use it in public at anytime as it is perfectly acceptable.  All this, yet this item, this firm piece of plastic is so personal, so belonging to one person, so intimate. And this is the most incredible aspect, everyone has one. And now, most people have threeand four old ones and two and three new ones.  And each device is personalized; manufacturer, brand, cover or no cover, applications, games, music, videos, wallpaper, banner text; it is as identifiable as our fingerprint.

The mobile device is an addendum to our personalities.  If one really want to know someone, look at the apps on their mobile phone; it will genuinely speak miles about who one is, what ones interests are, what one reads, if one read, what types of entertainment they enjoy, what social media one use.  It is genuinely astonishing. 

Each person’s mobile is caters to them because it belongs to them.  It adds a balance to their lifestyle, to their everyday living in business and in leisure. Their mobile device is their office and their communication-central control tower. These devices, these personal accessories are an integral aspect of everyone's every day; no matter the country, no matter the space or time. The devices are used and integrated.

A person’s mobile device is where technology meets the heart, one person at a time. Our world, this communication era we have entered, has emerged because of one single piece of plastic. One single plastic device filled with tiny electronics whose signal is pinged through a satellite that directly affects a human’s heartbeat; which in turn connects the world, bloodline to bloodline, through an artificial technological advancement that induces camaraderie, communication and intense connections. The devices and the hearts that use them know no boundaries of time or space, there only boundary is that of emotion.

Mobile devices, yes, they are personal.  They are where technology meets mankind … head on.

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