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Autonegotiation on ASR9000 nV Satellite ASR9000v



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Feature Design

In order to keep a flexible feature option, 9000v software is designed to allow selective auto negotiation of parameters as opposed to a full auto negotiation always. This provides an option to enforce negotiation where we do not end up bringing up a link with degraded parameters even if the peer advertises inferior parameters.

However, to keep the satellite ports on par with regular ASR9k local Ethernet ports and also to maintain CLI consistency, the negotiation auto command is supported as is on satellite access ports as well. All parameters are set to negotiate by default if negotiation auto is turned on. If the Host side user configuration has a co-existing forced parameter like speed or duplex, then that parameter alone is selectively negotiated for a fixed value. If both speed and duplex are forced, then  none of the parameters including flow control are negotiated.


Limitation for mismatched ports

All of the above behavior assumes the configuration matches on either peers. If the Host side user configuration for the satellite remote ports mismatches with the peering access device port configuration, there is no guaranteed behavior, especially for cases where auto negotiation is turned on for the satellite ports and it’s forced on the remote side.


When auto negotiation config mismatches between satellite port and the peering device's port, satellite ports stays up. This behavior is seen only on few ports and not on all ports.



Auto negotiation configured on one end of the device, either on satellite interface or far end and no negotiation is configured on the other side


Workaround / recovery

Symmetric configuration of auto negotiation will recover interface from problem and is strongly recommended for satellite ports. A shut/no shut or OIR is recommended if for some case,incase the recovery is stuck.


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