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Cisco 8000 Series Routers - General Health Check CLI's and description



CLI list  CLI description
show controller npu voq-usage interface all instance all location all NPU/CORE/VOQ Base information + NPU to port mapping
show platform cpu Operational Status of all CPU based cards 
show platform security health Match and report any inconsistencies in secure variables across nodes
show platform Platform card type and states in all slots
show version System hardware and software version status + image built label[ for gISO]
show install active summary Show a summary of active packages - optional and bug-fix packages only
show install committed Shows committed software packages as per XR install function
show install fixes active Show active fixes [bug-fixes] - displays bug-ID and packages associated
show install fixes commit Show committed fixes [bug-fixes] - displays bug-ID and packages associated
show controller npu driver location all | i Mode verify fabric mode configured, 5 or 8(default)
show controller fabric plane all fabric plane status [ works for modular chassis]
show controller fabric plane all statistics det | i "drops|error|uncorrect" verify various fabric statistics [ works for modular chassis]
show controller fabric health fabric health 
show interface summary interfaces list in summary format 
show bundle brief  interface bundles brief summary 
show proc cpu | CPU CPU utilization status -1, 5 , 15 min; use without filter for per process CPU utilization
show context loc all look for any process crash and core files location
show hw-module fpd all hw level fpd programming state, look for 'NEED UPGD' to upgrade fpd for that card 
show env fan fan status - speed, etc
show env power power status
show controller switch reachable internal switch reachability status [ works for modular chassis]
show controller switch summary  internal switch summary [ works for modular chassis]
show asic all summary location <> Summary of the asic errors on a card
dir harddisk:/dumper location where process core files will be saved [ if there was a core generated]
dir harddisk:/shutdown location where debug info related to card crash files [if any]
show bgp ipv4 unicast summary bgp summary - ipv4 
show bgp ipv6 unicast summary bgp summary - ipv6
show bgp scale summarized view of configured bgp scale numbers  
show route quarantined  find any looping routes 
show route <ipv6> summary overall ipv4/ipv6 route summary
show bundle status brief  overall bundles status 
show health gsp  inter-process communication - GSP health 
show health sysdb system database [to store processes db] SYSDB health
show cef resource | exc GREEN CEF resource availability status
show cef resource loc <Linecard> | exc GREEN CEF resource availability status on the Linecard 
show ofa resources iprte location <Linecard> Display OFA resource usage - ipv4 route
show ofa resources ip6rte location <Linecard> Display OFA resource usage - ipv6 route
show memory summary  loc all gives a dump of overall system memory state with availability
show log all logging buffer 
Show media  verify filesystem space 
show watchdog memory-state location all    detailed memory status
show rcc ipv4 unicast all route consistency check  [unicast only] status 
show rcc ipv6 unicast all rcc for v6 
show lcc ipv4 unicast all lable consistency check 
show lcc ipv6 unicast all lcc for v6
show environment temperature shows temperature of all hw components [cards]
show alarms brief system active shows active alarms brief system scope related data
show platform security variable dbCisco location all System Security details [ detailed, may be used to debug image signing issues] 
show healthcheck status verify system healthcheck status for the measurement metric configured
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