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Cisco Crosswork Network Insights - FAQ




Cisco Crosswork Network Insights is a Cloud-hosted Software as a Service platform that provides External Routing Event Analytics. The Crosswork Network Insights platform aggregates global and local routing information and identifies the source of anomalies based on a consensus of the routing databases. This service is a successor of for multivendor networks that use BGP and BMP protocols. The service provides a secure and low-risk method of collecting route information on a global scale.

This FAQ contains answers about the General Availability of Crosswork Network Insights. For existing customers of, it provides some insight into technical and commercial concerns that might be of interest. 

 Frequently Asked Questions

When is Crosswork Network Insights Generally AvailableJanuary 31, 2019
When is the BGPMon End of Sale and End of Live AnnouncementJanuary 31, 2019
When is the BGPMon End of SaleMarch 1, 2019
When is the BGPMon End of Life (original)March 1, 2020
When is the BGPMon End of Life (revised)August 31, 2020
When is the BGPMon End of Existing Service / SupportAll subscriptions have now officially expired, the service will continue to operate until the revised End of Life date. Cisco provides no support SLA or assurance on expired subscriptions the service is provided as a best effort.
Who do I contact if I have further questions not answered in this FAQPlease email, we will respond as quickly as possible.
What is the replacement product for BGPMon.netCisco has created a new product called Crosswork Network Insights
What do I do if my existing Paid subscription falls after the End of SaleYou can continue to use until End of Life with your existing level of subscription. You can access a no-obligation trial of Crosswork Network Insights by contacting
Is Crosswork Network Insights the same as BGPMonNo,
Crosswork Network Insights is significantly different from BGPMon.
The initial release of Crosswork Network Insights has similar features to BGPMon, however, the application will quickly diverge with new features. We are a Cloud SaaS product and we aim to keep our customers satisfied by incorporating new customer value.
What if I decide I do not want to move to Crosswork Network InsightsIf you would like to have your existing account and data purged prior to End of Life please contact us at
Will my identity be migrated to Crosswork Network InsightsNo, accounts and identity use a different system to Cisco Crosswork Network Insights. All Subscribers will be notified by email on how to access any Paid, Trial or Free service for Crosswork Network Insights.
Will my configuration be migrated to Crosswork Network InsightsNo, configuration is not compatible with Crosswork Network Insights. It should be noted that the new software does support a bulk IP Prefix import feature. Customers with Peermon devices can import those peer sessions using the new platform.
What if I am a Paid customer of can I move to Crosswork Network InsightsAccess will be provided in the form of a 1-month trial of Crosswork Network Insights. For more details please contact us on
What if I am a Free customer of can I move to Crosswork Network InsightsSupport for free customers on Crosswork Network Insights will be made open 90 days before the revised End of Life date, or unless otherwise advised on the site.
Will Free customers on get the same service on Crosswork Network InsightsCrosswork Network Insights is not the same product as Free users of Crosswork Network Insights will be provided support for 5 prefixes per organization per existing The new application provides basic feature parity with for the Free user tier.
Will PeerMon customers be supported on Crosswork Network InsightsExisting Free and Paid PeerMon customers will be migrated to Crosswork Network Insights. These subscribers can migrate their PeerMon devices with no change to their PeerMon settings on their own routers. Support for existing Free PeerMon customers will be assured on the new platform when access is made available.
Will PeerMon configuration be supported on Crosswork Network InsightsExisting PeerMon configuration will be migrated to Crosswork Network Insights. and Crosswork Network Insights will share this common infrastructure until otherwise advised.
Do I need an account on Crosswork Network InsightsWe will provide paying customers with a full feature 1 month Trial. If the customer chooses to not continue with a paid subscription to Crosswork Network Insights, the subscription will be downgraded to a free tier subscription and their configuration reset to default. Prior notice will be provided in the event of a subscription downgrade.
What Protocols does Crosswork Network Insights SupportBGP version 4, BMP will be supported in the near future (date yet to be committed)
Can I purchased Crosswork Network Insights as an on-premise software toolNo, Crosswork Network Insights is only available as a Cloud SaaS offering.
Can I collect BGP from with my own networkYes, however, this feature is not yet available, ETA August 2020. Peermon feature parity is coming very shortly.
Can I connect my Internet Peering Routers to Crosswork Network InsightsYes, we provide a Peermon page that permits the import or configuration of the new Peermon sessions. This feature will provide feature parity with Peermon.
Do you support NetflowNot yet, this is planned for future releases.
What notification methods do you supportWe Support Email, SMS, and Syslog File dump via AWS S3 storage. We also support collaboration notifications via Cisco WebEx Team and Slack. Other notification methods can be made via feature requests.
Is there a configuration migration for BGPMon CustomersPartially,
BGPMon customers can migrate part of their configuration to Crosswork Network Insights using the configuration import/export tool in Crosswork Network Insights. Please email for more information
Is there an automated migration path for BGPMon CustomersNo,
Migration for BGPMon customers is in two parts,
a) configuration
b) account and subscription
Since Crosswork Network Insights is a new Cloud Service, the customer will be required to go through migration.
Is there a manual migration path for paid BGPMon CustomersYes,
BGPMon customers will be permitted to use the new Crosswork Network Insights platform as a Trial. Customers with a BGPMon subscription that has expired will be permitted to use a 1-month trial subscription. Please email for more information
Is there a price difference between BGPMon and Crosswork Network InsightsYes,
Please contact for more information.


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