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Cisco Software Manager(CSM) v3.3 is now on CCO


I'm happy to inform you that CSMv3.3 is now on CCO, it can be downloaded from the following locations, and here are the supported features and improvements.

Release Software Download

-       Full release software download since release 5.1.0

-       Download tar files are un-tarred and transferred to designated server repository

-    Support for ASR9000 and CRS


Conformance Reporting

-       Allow definition of software profiles (SMUs) to match against managed routers

-       Allow selection of managed routers by platform, software version, region, and role

-       Run conformance report against selected routers

-       Single click installation of missing packages

-       Produce conformance report in MS Excel format


Other Improvements

Connection Module (a.k.a., condoor)

-       Significantly enhanced to support future platforms

-       Now available on PyPI (Python Package Index)


Plugin Modules

-       Completely revamped the AUT plugins due to improve scale


CSM Dispatcher

-       Use process instead of thread architecture to handle concurrent installations

-       Capable of scaling up to 100 concurrent installations simultaneously 



-       VRF support for TFTP/FTP/SFTP

-       Online Help with separated topics

-       Provide warning when activating reload SMUs

-       Highlight installed SMUs on CCO software selection

-       Highlight not applicable SMUs on CCO software selection

-       Display CCO software based on router software release

-       Reachability check for each connection (e.g., active/standby RSP) to the router

-    Supports installation of 27 pies on devices running 5.3.2+


There is an absence of the often present "Help", "About" function that would easily help me determine the version that I am running.  I have run 3.0 and "believe" I have upgraded to 3.2 but, am suspicious as I cannot find ssh-v2 listed which means I cannot reach my devices as desired.

A little help?

Cisco Employee

Hi Glen,

The help menu is inside CSM it's top right. For the release/build date. Click on CSM Service in the top most left, let me know the release date. 

For SSH, your saying you don't see SSH in the drop down when adding a host? Is that the issue? 



I had rolled back to 3.0 which works fine.  I strongly suspect the issue is with something I have done.  The 3.0 build date is 07/27/2015.  If I recall correctly the 3.2 build date was January 2016.  I am picking up Ajax errors and am going to scratch the build and do a 3.2 build fresh and see how that goes.


Cisco Employee

Fair enough, should try again at some point when you get a chance would be good to know what went wrong.. Or try a fresh install of 3.2 on another VM if possible?


Thanks Eddie.  I had edited my previous reply to include the intent to try a fresh 3.2 install just as you were responding.  I'll post back as to my result.


I purged the system and reinstalled csm-3.2 from scratch.  sshv2 still does not appear as shown in some of the docs but, sshv2 is working ;-)  I have also overcome whatever I did wrong to cause the Ajax errors.

Thanks for the help.

P.s. A big tip of the hat to Eddie as I see him really helping out those of us who are embracing the IOS-XR after so many years of IOS nirvana.


Hi Eddie,

I have CSM 3.3 up and running on Ubuntu 16.04 Desktop. To be able to connect to the network nodes I am using Cisco AnyConnect and ICMP test was successful. 

The issue is that when I click on "check reachability" under "edit host" I instantly get this message:

Unable to reach the specified host via
Or you may not be an authorized user

Username/password and IP address is correct. What could be the reason of this?



I am getting following error while trying to add a host (A9K 5.3.4)

root@csm:/usr/local/csm/csmserver# Exception AttributeError: "'Connection' object has no attribute 'logger'" in <bound method Connection.__del__ of <condoor.Connection object at 0x7ff8f007ff50>> ignored

On CSM I get this message:

Unable to reach the specified host via 10.100.x.x.

Or you may not be an authorized user.

User is correct and on the device I do not see any connection attempts. It's not even reaching the device.

Any ideas?


It's working for IOS but not IOS-XR.

On second csm instance nothing is working, IOS and IOS-XR.




we are using CSM 3.4. I see that there is an Inventory Dashboard option under "Help" and then I get a PDF file where it says this:

All features are available from the Inventory Manager Menu Bar. The menu bar is visible by
default when logging in. To hide/show the menu bar, click the three stripe icon in the top right
corner of the Main Menu Bar.


The thing is that I do not have any "stripes" on the right corner and there is no Inventory manager menu bar at all.

Any ideas?


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