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Cisco Ultra Services Platform v3 is now available on Cisco dCloud!



This dCloud demo provides access to a fully functional Ultra Services Platform (USP) to demonstrate the virtualized Cisco Mobile Packet Core solution. It includes the Ultra Gateway Platform (UGP) as a USP component together with the VNF Element Manager, the Elastic Services Controller as the VNF-M, and the full automation suite to launch all of this automatically.

The demo is preconfigured with a staging server, the Ultra Automation Services and an already deployed VNF-M, VNF-EM, and UGP VNF so that the system is fully operational once it has been launched.

The demo can be used first of all to monitor all the running virtual machines and related interfaces and GUIs, but is also intended to go through the steps for un-deploying and re-deploying the VNF-EM and VNF virtual machines or even to restart the full deployment from scratch.

Finally, the demo can also be used to run the same set of end-to-end Virtualized Packet Core scenarios which are already provided by the existing “Cisco Virtualized Packet Core v1.2” dCloud demo. But while that demo runs all the Virtualized Packet Core (VPC) services on a single instance of StarOS in a single VM, this current demo deploys the distributed instance for the SAEGW network function and uses a separate VPC-SI implementation for the MME/SGSN network function.


  • Scenario 1: Monitor
  • Scenario 2: Deploy
  • Scenario 3: Use


  • Ultra Services Platform including Ultra Gateway Platform , Ultra Automation Services, Ultra Element Manager, and Elastic Services Controller
  • End-to-end mobile network simulation with SAEGW network function on Ultra Gateway Platform, MME/SGSN on VPC-SI and simulators for UE, eNodeB, HSS, PCRF, OCS, AAA etc.
  • Based on Openstack Newton running on Ubuntu 16.04, using one control and seven compute nodes


  • Understand the various components and features used and provided by the Cisco Ultra Services Platform
  • Use the different GUIs provided by the Ultra Web Services, Elastic Services Controller and Openstack Horizon to understand the current capabilities and results provided by the solution
  • Execute and analyse the procedure to undeploy and deploy the Ultra Gateway Platform and Element Manager using deployment files provided to the Ultra Automation Services
  • Perform end-to-end mobile data test scenarios using the Ultra Gateway platform together with the simulated surrounding systems
  • Understand and review the impact of running a distributed VPC system in a cloud environment




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