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NCS5500 general health check CLI's and expectations


XR-vm - CLI's


show context  look for any process crash, review time stamp[if it is too old, then no immediate action needed]
show redundancy verify if standby state  is Ready and NSR-Ready
show proc cpu | exclude " 0%" look for processes hogging CPU
show memory summary location all gives a dump of overall system memory state with availability
show hw-module fpd all HW level FPD programming state, look for 'NEED UPGD' ; if found please upgrade FPD for that card 
show configuration commit list 5 view last 5 commits 
show version | in uptime verify system up time 
show media verify filesystem space 
show watchdog memory-state location all    detailed memory status
show rcc ipv4 unicast all route consistency check  [unicast only]
show rcc ipv6 unicast all RCC for v6 
show lcc ipv4 unicast all Label Consistency Check 
show lcc ipv6 unicast all LCC for v6
show cef resource location <Line card> | ex GREEN  LC forwarding resources [if GREEN, we are good, any other color then the resources are getting over-utilized] 
Show CEF tables summary location <Line card> show LC forwarding CEF tables for the LC
show cef resource hardware ingress location 0/0/CPU0  | ex GREEN LC forwarding at hardware level - ingress 
how cef resource hardware egress location 0/0/CPU0  | ex GREEN LC forwarding at hardware level - egress
show health gsp    inter-process communication - GSP health 
show health cfgmgr configuration manager health
show alarms brief system active review output for alarm description requiring immediate action
show health sysdb system database [to store processes db] SYSDB health
show asic-errors all summary location  look for any fast increment ASIC error counters 
show processes blocked location all | ex lpts look for any processes in Mutex/reply blocked state for extended period of time

Other Useful CLI's

monitor interface * OR <interface name> to review interface traffic incoming/outgoing - real time
config t - lpts pifib hardware police location 0/0/CPU0 flow ssh known rate <>  to configure LPTS policer rate for incoming ssh sessions through LC interface 
admin config - fpd auto-upgrade enable  to enable auto-upgrade functionality for FPD versions during SW image upgrade
show install active summary  to view list of active packages 
show install inactive summary  to view list of inactive packages 
install remove inactive  removed all inactive packages [ helps to clear disk space]
install commit to checkpoint current software version and packages installed 
show install request  to verify any ongoing install activity progress

Admin-vm CLI's

show controller fabric plane all detail fabric plane details -verify if all planes are UP UP
show controllers fabric health overall fabric health
show platform cards list 
show context  look for any process crash
show install committed summary show all packages installed and committed, verify if it matches with show install active summary
show environment temperatures shows temperature of all hw components [cards]
show environment fan fan status - speed, etc
show environment power power status
show inventory all all cards inventory [ you can find card serial numbers here]
show vm verify if all VM's are in 'running' state 
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