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SCE SCABB - How to change the order of priority


SCE - SCABB - How to change the order of priority

Be default the order of priority when determining classification is as follows:

Zone > Flavor > Protocol > Init-Side

This is not desirable for all customers. As of version 3.6.0 there is  an option to modify this to push the zone priority down past regular  classification to:

Flavor > Protocol > Zone > Init-Side

As a result the flavour classification will take priority over Zone when determining which rules to apply.

Steps to change this option:

  1. Login to SCABB
  2. Retrieve the Configuration.
  3. Select the Configuration Drop down from the left pane of the "Service Configuration Editor".
  4. choose Configuration -> Policies -> System Settings
  5. In the System Settings window chose the "Advanced Options" tab
  6. Click the "Advanced Service Configuration Options" button
  7. In the "Advanced Service Configuration Options" window select "Apply  this order of priority between different criteria for service  configuration classification"

Note: Remember to apply the configuration for the settings to take effect