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Using the Repetitive Alarm Suppression feature of ROSA NMS



ROSA NMS may be used to monitor hundreds of devices and receive messages from them. Customers use the Message Viewer to check the details of any alarms received from monitored devices.


Occasionally, a user may come across an issue where a device is sending repetitively the same message and the message viewer fills up with the same message for a large part and make the message viewer unusable or at least, cumbersome.


There is a feature available in ROSA NMS called “Repetitive Alarm Suppression” which can be used to avoid the message viewer filling up with a large number of the same message. By using this feature an alarm which occurs repeatedly within a configurable time interval is displayed only once with a count indicating how many times the message has been received.

 How to configure

In ROSA GUI, select the server on which the Repetitive Alarm Suppression feature must be configured

Select Options from the Messages menu, as shown below:

Picture 1.jpg

The “Message Options” screen appears, as below:

Picture 2.jpg

In the Repetitive Alarm Suppression box above, select a Unit of time from the drop-down menu and configure a time interval for the Default Interval setting.

 Next, select Rules from the Messages menu, as shown below:

Picture 3.jpg

In the following screen that appears, select the line which says “Suppress All Repetitive Alarms” and click on the Enable button.

Picture 4.jpg

After this, identical alarms which are repeated within the interval configured will be displayed only once with a count indicating the number of times the alarm has been received in that interval.

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