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VDS-IS Disk00 Recovery


Please use the following workaround to repair disk00 when disk00 has key CDNFS data and can not be unused. This was found in VDS-IS version 2.5.11.

Below are the steps:

1) Use the cli shutdown poweroff

2) Remove disk00

3) Remove disk01 and place it into disk00's location (essentially swapping their location)

4) Power on the system

5) Allow some time ( so that CAL/UNS will rebuild the 'key drive' (symlink tree) onto the new disk00 - which was originally disk01 )

6) Use the cli show disk details , show cdnfs to confirm this

7) Re-insert the original disk00 into disk01's location

8) Reload the system; the original disk00 (now disk01) will be reclaimed as a SYSTEM drive but without any symlink tree

9) U can now unuse the new disk01 (which was the original disk00):

       disk unuse disk01

10) Proceed with repairing disk01:

       disk repair disk01

Note: ignore the RAID alarms that will be raised when disk00 is removed