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[VDS-TC]log information from mg server's GUI running 5.2.0GA is not completely collected.


Log collecter from management server's GUI running 5.2.0GA is not completing collecting the log information.


So customer or partner engineer needs to check whether the correct date logs are collected or not.

If it is not complete, then customer or partner needs to collect log manually from each cache server.


The following bugs are opened and it will be fixed in 5.2.1GA.

Detail Description: Issue caused by running the log collector script as user "root".

The script doesn't clean all the files and leaves them "root" permission on the file-system.

When other users are activating the script the files that was created with "root" Permission are not collected.

Cisco Defect ID: CSCur18670

Fix in version:  5.2.1 GA


Detail Description: when collecting the log files, the last open log file was not collected, the fix include collecting the last open file.

Cisco Defect ID: CSCur16624

Fix in version:  5.2.1 GA

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