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Martin Thygesen
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Crosswork Cloud - Crosswork Trust Insights FAQ


Cisco Crosswork Trust Insights is a Cloud-hosted Software as a Service platform that helps to track, analyze, and prove hardware and software components running in your network. Trust Insights works with IOS XR to deliver unique capabilities to gather signed evidence collected from supported devices. We provide a reporting framework that verifies the integrity of this evidence against Known Good Values (KGVs) from the Cisco manufacturing. This delivers a unique view of the trust posture of your network infrastructure and provides an audit of your systems throughout their lifecycle.

This FAQ contains answers about the Limited Availability of Crosswork Trust Insights.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Question Response
How do I Access Crosswork Trust Insights

Go here:

How do I Request a Trial of Crosswork Trust Insights

Create a Crosswork Cloud Account, and log into a Tenancy.
Browse to the following link to request a 30 day Trial.

Who do I contact if I have further questions not answered in this FAQ

Please email, we will respond as quickly as possible.

Alternatively, from within the application submit a sales support request:

Does Crosswork Trust Insights replace an existing product? No, Crosswork Trust Insights is a Component of Crosswork Cloud, it does not replace or replicate any existing Cisco product.
Is there a free version of Crosswork Trust  Insights Crosswork Trust Insights does not have a Free version. Customers must purchase Crosswork Trust Insights with a minimum of 5 Essentials RTM licenses.
From February 2020 to February 2023, Cisco provided a Trust Insights Voucher RTM, with the purchase of every IOS-XR Subscription license. These 3 year entitlements are not longer available, but will be honored until they expire.
What Device Protocols does Crosswork Trust Insights Support Crosswork Trust Insights does not use device protocols directly. Crosswork Trust Insights collects a Signed JSON dataset from each IOS-XR devices. The Signed JSON payload is collected on a regular schedule by the Crosswork Data Gateway which then forwards this payload to the cloud service using a secured transport connection.
Can I purchased Crosswork Trust Insights as an on-premise software tool No, Crosswork Trust Insights is only available as a Cloud SaaS offering. Crosswork Trust Insights includes a right to use the Crosswork Data Gateway, a virtual host that is deployed onsite. The Crosswork Data Gateway is the only on-premise software required for Crosswork Trust Insights.
Can I use Essentials Voucher RTMs without having purchased and set up a Crosswork Trust Insights Application RTM (ATO)? No, the Crosswork Trust Insights Application RTM (ATO) must be purchased and activated before the Essentials Voucher RTMs can be claimed by the SaaS Tenancy.
How are Essentials Voucher RTMs received & claimed by an End Customer? The Essentials Voucher RTMs are normally automatically added at the time of purchase when Smart Account information is set up in the SaaS Tenancy. A secondary copy of the Essentials Voucher RTM subscription ID will be emailed to the End Customer on the Order, which may be claimed manually if needed.
When can Essentials Voucher RTMs be claimed? The Essentials Voucher RTMs can only be added after the SaaS Tenancy is activated. Vouchers accumulated before the SaaS Tenancy is activated will automatically begin expiry count down at the time of purchase.
Are Essentials Voucher RTMs specific to a device No, Essentials Voucher RTM’s are valid for any device configured in the SaaS Tenancy. The number of Essentials Voucher RTM’s must always be larger than the number of configured devices to remain properly entitled.
Can a customer purchase additional Support Services with the Crosswork Trust Insights Application RTM? No, the Application RTM comes with Cisco Cloud Basic Support. If additional post-sales technical support is required, please contact your Cisco Account Manager or Cisco Partner.
Does a customer need to purchase additional Crosswork Data GatewayCloud licenses? No, Crosswork Data GatewayCloud RTM permits the customer to download and install the Crosswork Data Gateway ISO image as many times as necessary. The Crosswork Data GatewayCloud software is identical to the normal Crosswork Data Gateway ISO image. The Crosswork Data GatewayCloud RTM does not support other Crosswork Data Gateway functions.
Does the Crosswork Data GatewayCloud require Cisco UCS Hardware? No, the Data Gateway may be installed on any compliant Virtualization host with suitable virtual hardware specifications. Please review the release notes for details of supported hypervisors.
Does a customer need to purchase Crosswork Network Insights in order to use Crosswork Trust Insights?

No, each SaaS Offer is independent; a customer can have separate SaaS Tenancies or combine them as desired. Customers can have more than one SaaS Tenancy but cannot share Crosswork Cloud RTM’s across SaaS Tenancies once they have been claimed.


What happens if a customer exceeds the Application RTM?
Customers that exceed their Application RTM will be notified they have exceeded the Application RTM license entitlement. Cisco reserves the right to disconnect or disable customer access if the customer significantly exceeds their Application RTM entitlement and if they do not remediate their entitlement within a reasonable period of time. (typically 3 months from first notice)
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