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Yesterday, Cisco announced its expanded ASR 9000 System that will deliver the promise of Next-Generation Internet strategy.  Cisco introduced three new platforms to bring the following benefits to mobile networks for service providers:

"The first two platforms will allow service providers to deploy all types of services (voice, video, or data) to all types of customers (consumer, mobile or business) on a single, converged Carrier Ethernet-based IP network, and both are optimized for low power consumption and extended temperatures:

  • The Cisco ASR 901 is a compact, cell-site Ethernet access router specifically designed to clock, aggregate, and backhaul any-G RAN traffic, and can prioritize and process voice, data, and signaling traffic as part of the Cisco Unified RAN solution for reliable transport across any available mobile network.
  • The Cisco ASR 903 is a fully-featured Carrier Ethernet aggregation platform designed for the cost-effective delivery of converged services.  With full redundancy and high service scale, this compact (3RU) router is optimized for small aggregation and remote POP applications and provides a rich and scalable set of Layer 2 and 3 VPN services.
  • And the third platform, the Cisco ASR 9001, is a smaller version of our industry-leading Cisco ASR 9000 edge router, specifically designed for low-capacity deployments.

These new platforms complement the rest of the Cisco ASR 9000 family to deliver a single, simplified system for high-speed business, residential and mobile connectivity.  And as with the rest of the ASR 9000 System, they all support Cisco’s nV Technology for simplified network architectures..." Read more or watch the video below.

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