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An IOS-XR Journey through Cisco Live US 2014 in San Francisco


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On May 18th 2014, we will celebrate 25 years of Cisco Live at San Francisco, with more than 600 technical sessions during 4 days!

Join us and learn how Cisco is ready to support Service Providers with IOS-XR operating system and IOS-XR based platforms with the following session recommendations:


BRKSPG-2724 - Network Function Virtualization (NFV) using IOS-XR

Network Function Visualization (NFV) is being heavily adapted in Service Providers market segment.  BGP route reflectors are good candidates for NFV. They often lack the flexibility, elasticity, and agility required to meet the frequently changing demands of the services.

With virtual Route Reflector (vRR), we leverage Cisco's IOS-XR already proven experience in the field and address the shortcomings brought about by physical device limitations regarding elastic flexibility of device resources such as memory and CPU.

BRKSPG-2903 - Network Services in IOS-XR

Service Providers are now subject to very large DDoS attacks, above the 100Gbps threshold. In the meantime, they have to manage IPv4 address exhaustion and prepare for the smooth, incremental transition to IPv6 services.

Discover how they can deploy Arbor DDoS mitigation, CGv6 and Carrier Grade NAT(V4/V6) using Cisco CGSE/CGSE+ (CRS) and ISM/VSM (ASR9000) services modules to address those realities.

And also:

LTRARC-2002 - IOS-XR Overview and Hands-on Configuration

LTRSPG-2305 - Advanced IOS-XR Lab - Configuration, Troubleshooting and Security

ASR 9000

BRKSPG-2722 - SDN deployment in ASR9000

With the changing paradigm of network programmability using Software Defied Network (SDN), we are seeing new ways for monitoring, scaling and configuring network devices.

With new network programmability capabilities, it is vital for network architects and operation engineers to understand how these SDN related technologies can be leveraged to streamline the way Service Providers view, design, and operate networks today.

IOS XR 5.1.1 brings SDN and programmability to ASR 9000 with XNC, ODL and WAVE controller support and also introduces features such as BGP-LS, PCEP and Netconf/XML that truly enable end-to-end SDN WAN orchestration.  Discover how to implement and troubleshoot all those new exciting tools on the ASR 9000.

BRKARC-2024 - Cisco ASR 9000 nV Technology and Deployment

With nV technology, Cisco extends the operational simplification and cost savings to wide variety of networks. New topology models such as simple ring and layer 2 fabric will greatly help Service Providers to simplify and converge their existing access, aggregation or mobile backhaul networks into one logical routing system.

nV satellite  can be operated and managed completely from one ASR 9000 as the host, whereas the satellites simply become the extended remote virtual LC/ports to the host chassis. nV cluster is a single control plane, single management plane, and fully distributed data plane across 2 physical chassis.

Combining those 2 features, Service Providers can highly simplifies operations while enhancing the network resiliency.

And also:

BRKSPG-2202 - Deploying Carrier Ethernet Services on ASR 9000

BRKARC-2003 - Cisco ASR 9000 Architecture

BRKARC-2017 - Packet Journey inside ASR 9000

BRKSPG-2904 - ASR-9000/IOS-XR Understanding forwarding, troubleshooting the system and XR operations

BRKSPG-2333 - Securing Cisco ASR 9000 Routers

TECSPG-3001 - Advanced - ASR 9000 Operation and Troubleshooting


BRKARC-2022 - Introduction to Network Convergence System (NCS6000)

Cisco NCS 6000 is a high performance routing platform with 5 Terabit per slot forwarding performance capability. Discover how this platform will help Service Providers to scale the upcoming massive traffic growth driven by the IoT, including:

  • fully virtualized Cisco IOS-XR operating system, which brings new levels of programmability and virtualization to increase application service offerings and speed up provisioning velocity
  • Cisco nPower Network Processor Units, a state of the art programmable ASIC designed to deliver industry's first ZPL/ZTL ISSU capability
  • Cisco CMOS photonics technology, bringing highest port density and least power consumption for technologies of 100 Gbps and beyond

For more information on all activities and to register for Cisco Live US, click here.


With all these sessions focused on IOS-XR, this Cisco Live US 2014 will be technically amazing again. My colleague Igor Dayen will share more Service Provider pathway details for Cisco Live US 2014 in a separate blog post coming soon. Stay tuned!

Can’t attend Cisco Live US? All these sessions are available online on the Cisco Live US website.

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