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Cisco Live San Francisco 2014, the Evolved Programmable Network Comes to Life in the Service Provider Booth



By Igor Dayen, Manager, Service Provider Marketing, Cisco

This year at Cisco Live San Francisco that runs May 18-22 you’ll have an opportunity to come face-to-face and learn about the Cisco’s Open Network Environment (ONE) architecture for service providers. You will get a comprehensive and holistic view of the challenges and opportunities as service providers enable the Internet of Everything (IoE). 

Cisco ONE for Service Providers consists of three layers:  the Application layer, the Evolved Services Platform (ESP) layer, and the Evolved Programmable Network (EPN) layer.  The IoE applications and services, created by Cisco and third party application developers are shown at the top.  These  applications will exist and  interact with network resources in new and innovative ways to optimize user experience and service delivery.  Between the application layer and the EPN lies the middle layer–ESP–where service management, orchestration and automation drive the virtualized world of unified computing systems. The foundation of Cisco ONE for Service Providers is the EPN:  the network fabric that ties together both physical and virtual network elements into a fully flexible and highly scalable solution. 

pic1.jpgFigure 1: Cisco Open Network Environment for SPs

Below are the demonstrations in the SP Booth that will illustrate the Cisco SP architecture

High Density Programmable Core

Here we’re going to showcase our newest flagship product, the Cisco NCS 6000 Router. It’s the first Cisco Live event where we’re bringing the NCS 6000 to demonstrate it live. You can see how Cisco AnyPort Technology enables both high-density 10G and 100G services using CPAK   optics based on silicon photonics.

Cisco’s NCS 2000 Flex Spectrum ROADM Technology

Attendees will get to see the Cisco NCS 2000 Optical Transport Shelf featuring the latest in transport optimization solutions including Colorless, Contentionless, Omi-directional and Flex Spectrum (CCOFS) ROADM technology.  The NCS 2000 is part of Cisco’s comprehensive 100G portfolio, designed to support 100G and beyond transport speeds, including OTN and Super channel technologies. 

Cisco NCS 4000 Optical Transport Network (OTN) Switching, Optimized performance of DWDM, 1Tb Superchannel

In this demo we’ll show how Cisco OTN technology will enable service providers to build a packet transport infrastructure with the same reliability as the operational models of SONET/SDH. You will witness how OTN enables stronger FEC (Forward Error Correction), Switching Scalability, and more levels of TCM (Tandem correction monitoring).

ASR 9000 nV Technology

In this demo we’ll show how Cisco nV Technology enables Virtual Chassis features: carriers or enterprise customers are able to interact with a single network device (e.g., ASR Router) while accessing remote/satellite network elements as if they are virtual blades and I/O elements on that single device, greatly simplifying and enhancing the network operators control over network resources and services.                

ASR 9000 Virtualized Services Module

In this demo we will showcase the benefits of virtualization to make the network more flexible, agile and simpler to manage. We will also demonstrate how the Cisco’s ASR 9000 router leverages the VSM that makes it easy for service providers to transition network infrastructure services to virtual workloads.

Cisco Elastic Access Solution

Here we’ll show you how Autonomous Networking infrastructure can enable Zero-touch provisioning and deployment for access networks.

Evolved Services Platform (ESP) Demos: WAN and Cloud Orchestration

WAN Orchestration and Automation

We will be demonstrating WAN Orchestration and Automation, optimization applications such as TE tunnel building and load balancing.  This solution extends the Cisco MATE technology to efficiently orchestrate multi-protocol network and make optimum use of network resources.

ESP Interactive test drive

In this demonstration of the end-to-end Services Orchestration you’ll learn how the Evolved Services Platform can rapidly provision new services using network, storage, and cloud resources.

Premium Mobile Broadband (PMB)

Here you’ll learn how Cisco's PMB solution enables the deployment of private 3G/LTE wireless networks that can support mission-critical enterprise applications when commercial mobile networks can’t be relied upon. We’ll also demonstrate how the Cisco PMB solution, based on the Cisco Quantum Virtualized Packet Core (QvPC), can now be deployed using off-the-shelf hardware in a form factor and scale that is suitable for enterprise applications.

Innovation Program and Monetization and Optimization Index Tools

Virtualize, Visualize, Simulate - Cisco Modeling Labs

Learn how to simulate large service provider topologies using Cisco Modeling Lab (CML) and Virtual Internet Routing Lab (VIRL) applications.

Innovation Pod - Faster Innovate to Deploy

See how Cisco allows SPs quickly ramp up with delivering services by using Cisco Innovation Pods.  Innovation Pod provides the needed VNFs, orchestration, and the hardware – all in one bundle - to deliver NfV service orchestration.

Optimize and Monetize the Network - SP Monetization Tool

Learn how to identify the key monetization opportunities. This tool will provide customers an estimated 5-year revenue projection based on their current financial model, forecast, and business strategies.

As you explore the World of Solutions you will learn how service providers lay the foundation for connecting enterprise network and cloud computing in a secure environment.  Start the journey at the Service Provider booth #1187.

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