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My Cisco Journey through CCBN 2014 in Beijing



By Lian Chang Hou, Senior Manager, Market Management

Spring in Beijing is usually very short, just as it is this year. And spring in Beijing usually brings with it much wind and along with that, sand, but this year it didn’t.

As CCBN (China Content & Broadcasting Network) 2014 took place on March 20-22, Beijing was bright and beautiful with clear blue skies, without the usual annoying winds.  It seemed CCBN had picked the best time to bloom, and so too did Cisco at this year’s show.

Above: Watch a Postcards Video of Cisco at CCBN 2014

“We made it, and this is amazing!” – I still recall vividly this thought which went through my mind as I stood on the upper deck of the Cisco booth, looking on as it started to throng with customers and visitors eager to know how Cisco could transform their video experiences.


The results had not come easy, particularly with the nationwide Chinese New Year shutdown in the midst of the project planning period. It was 3 months ago, right after the New Year, that the team took the stretch and started to put things together.

I still remember those meetings we had with SAPPRFT (CCBN organizer) to understand their direction, those engagements with customers to know their expectations, and those days and nights the team stayed on numerous calls to figure out the best solutions.


Cisco showcased various products and solutions including the Cable End-to-end Solution Network Architecture, Cable WiFi and Collaboration, and Videoscape Infrastructure.

But there was no doubt the SDB (Software Defined Box) solution stole the limelight. Based on traditional video delivery, SDB innovatively leverages the power of cloud computing, latest encoding technologies and intelligent network platforms to deliver a low-cost, disruptive cable-based solution.  It has wide-ranging applications including in smart homes, education and possibly digital gaming and healthcare, all based on cable's native strengths. Its capabilities include digital video streaming.  A traditional set-top box is set to be completely redefined with SDB’s end-to-end software architecture model.


Wow, I get so excited every time I talk about the SDB. And you know what, so did the customers, especially those who experienced the solution on Cisco’s booth.


It has been almost two weeks now since the close of CCBN. When I look at the trophy we got for Best Booth Design and the Innovation Award for SDB solution, I can’t help but think we had the best spring ever in Beijing.  I can even smell the flowers in bloom. 

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