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There’s a business story hiding in your network—Connected Analytics for Network Deployment reveals it to you. This subscription software delivers automated analysis of configuration and deployment anomalies, prioritized remediation that focuses on the most impactful areas, and helps create highly resilient networks that are ready for complex business services. Connected Analytics for Network Deployment (CAND) is a subscription-based software that leverages Cisco’s big data analytics platform to take vast quantities of network data and service request information and distill them into easily understandable, actionable visualizations. CAND can help you gain enhanced operational productivity and improved service quality.


    • Overview of the service
    • How it works
    • End to End Security
    • Data workflows
    • Live demo

    June Zheng is a Senior Technical Marketing Engineer in Cisco’s Data and Analytics Business Group. She has 14 years of experience in the networking industry. Her areas of expertise include Routing and Switching, Unified Communication, Virtualization, Network Management, Analytics, and SaaS. June maintains a CCIE certification in Routing and Switching since 2004 (#14119). She has been a frequent speaker at Cisco Live since 2006.



    Please join us on Tuesday, Oct 21, 2014 at 10a.m. PDT San Francisco (UTC -7 hours) for this live, interactive event. This corresponds to 1pm EDT New York (UTC -4 hours), 6 p.m. London (BST UTC +1), or 7 p.m. Paris (CEST UTC +2).

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