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Cisco Aironet 3800 Capabilities mixed legacy 802.11g and newer mixed networks

First time user. Looking into Cisco Aironet 3800 series AP's capabilities.


Wireless networks 4. Virtual. Access points 51. 2.4Ghz clients 141, 5Ghz clients 389.


We have 802.11g 2.4Ghz legacy industrial devices that need to have minimum data link rates that go down to 1Mbs in extreme conditions in order to keep the network connection of device, and stay online. Slow devices. With virtual networks on these access points, that also allow other smartphones and PC's etc to also work.


If a virtual network is created for just legacy devices, and another virtual network for other devices, can both virtual SSIDs or networks use different minimum data link rates? Say virtual legacy network 1 needs minimum data link rate at 1Mbs, and virtual network 2, needs to limit data link rates to 18Mbs. There would be 111 legacy devices on virtual networks with static IP addresses on the min 1Mbs virtual network.


Can these AP's be used with mixed data link rates with different Virtual networks? Any issues that would drop the Legacy 802.11g devices when in an extreme environment that the device drops its data link rate to 1Mbs to stay on network, that the AP will drop it? Any debug logs or anything that could be looked into to show a particular devices Tx and Rx rates? Time stamps, etc? I know Unifi systems can show Tx and Rx rates.


Any feedback, or more direct questions to ask would be greatly appreciated.