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Add-On PKG Applications Available - What Applications Do You Want (Wishlist)

Today we have multiple applications that run directly on the Smart Storage devices and can be installed via in the simple PKG process.   These are wide ranging applications that help with asset management, content management, e-commerce, web publishing (bulletin boards, wikis, etc), & e-learning systems.

Beyond what is is available now, what applications would you like to see?  We'd love to hear what you'd like to see.

Applications Available Now (version numbers)

  • GLPI (0.72.4)
  • Joomla (1.5.15)
  • Magento (
  • MediaWiki (1.16.0)
  • Moodle (1.9.9)
  • Open Web Analytics (1.3.1)
  • phpBB (3.0.7)
  • Python (2.5.2)

To Download Add-on PKG Applications:

  • Follow this link to the software center
  • Select Network Attached Storage
  • Select Small Business NSS 300 Series Smart Storage
  • Select your model (NSS322, NSS324, NSS326 Smart Storage)
  • Select Smart Storage Application Software
  • Select the version number for the appropriate application
  • Click Download Now

Release Notes for all the available for all applications

Support for free add-on PKG applications is through online community forums.


Something like rtorrent or some other remote enable bittorrent client.

The python package helps a lot in this regards, but not complete there.

And really the web applications are nice, but a determined developer can get those on, it's the base things (python/ruby/etc) that really extend the usefulness of this device, at least in my opinion.


Thanks.  The first group of applications are definitely focused more on end users than developers.  Just to show off the platform potential.  We'll working on more developer focused applications.  This sort of feedback helps us prioritize between the two types of users.


James Hawkins

SFTP server with GUI supporting multiple users

TFTP server with GUI supporting multiple users

SMTP server

SYSLOG server

App that supports scheduled downloads from Cisco software centre

App to replicate content between Smart Storage devices on a scheduled basis


Great feedback.

Are there any specific SMTP server features/functions that you would require?  Or just having the general fucntionality as an add-on application is good enough?

There is already a SYSLOG server built into the base software for Cisco Smart Storage.

WIthin your administration GUI you can find the Syslog server in Applications > Syslog Server

You can enable/disable the server, setup log settings, email notifications, filters, and of course view the log

Remote Replication between Cisco Smart Storage devices is also already built into the software.

WIthin the administration GUI, go to Backup > Remote Replication

You can setup replication between two devices on a scheduled basis directly from the GUI.

Ben M Johnson

Dropbox Client

uTorrent (or similiar with ability to monitor folders for .torrent file)


Embedded Cisco Camera software

Support for more than just Mozy (Intronis, Egnyte, S3, for cloud storage)


Thanks for the input.

  • Second torrent request.  Noted

  • For TwonkyServer, are their specific features missing from the OEM Twonky version in the base firmware that you would like to see?  The included Twonky version is meant to meet most peoples needs, but obviously it is not the full featured server.

  • For camera software, are there specific features or use cases you would like to see in such application?


Specifically for twonkyserver, it seems to work pretty well, but the transcoding part of it doesn't seem to work, at least in my configuration?  Maybe I'm doing something wrong, if it doesn't right now, that'd be a nice feature to have.


Appreciate for the follow-up.  Transcoding isn't supported in the OEM/Basic license included.  I'll look into this for the future.


This is really wishful, but why don't you guys just buy QNAP??

I mean look at this list -

+1 for Dropbox

+1 for Cisco small biz Camera software


I would like a nice pkg for:

1. Subversion

2. Bugzilla (or another issue tracking system)


Both of those are straightfoward requests.


Hi Doishi,

There are some updates on the twonky media server which I'm looking for, in twonkyserver6.0.30. seems to list some files. Could you please help with the correct

file and how to do the upgrade(a guide if available) on my NSS 324? QNAP is giving update via .qpkg file @

When the package is available for download from twonky website, from a user perspective it doesnt feel good if I'm not able to update my system. Hope Cisco documentation for this product will be updated soon with all these details, like for other products.





I just bought an NSS 326 after having used QNAP, Thecus and Synology NASses in the last couple of years.

What bothers me is that no NAS has an Active Directory implementation.

I don't mean that the NAS becomes a member of AD but the NAS itself can have the role as a Active Directory Master.

So for me that would be an interesting Add-On package for the NSS 3xx Series.

At least that is on my wishlist.