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Add-On PKG Applications Available - What Applications Do You Want (Wishlist)

Today we have multiple applications that run directly on the Smart Storage devices and can be installed via in the simple PKG process.   These are wide ranging applications that help with asset management, content management, e-commerce, web publishing (bulletin boards, wikis, etc), & e-learning systems.

Beyond what is is available now, what applications would you like to see?  We'd love to hear what you'd like to see.

Applications Available Now (version numbers)

  • GLPI (0.72.4)
  • Joomla (1.5.15)
  • Magento (
  • MediaWiki (1.16.0)
  • Moodle (1.9.9)
  • Open Web Analytics (1.3.1)
  • phpBB (3.0.7)
  • Python (2.5.2)

To Download Add-on PKG Applications:

  • Follow this link to the software center
  • Select Network Attached Storage
  • Select Small Business NSS 300 Series Smart Storage
  • Select your model (NSS322, NSS324, NSS326 Smart Storage)
  • Select Smart Storage Application Software
  • Select the version number for the appropriate application
  • Click Download Now

Release Notes for all the available for all applications

Support for free add-on PKG applications is through online community forums.


Thanks for the input.  Looks like you have tested out lots of NAS products.  Anything that helps differentiate the good from the bad?  As for the domain controller, I agree it would be nice to get rid of  Windows Server running just for the sake of AD.  We'll monitor the Samba4 domain controller and see how viable that becomes in the future.


at the moment I'm missing most the xdove and java packages ;-)

After that a CalDav and GroupDav Server would enable Calender and Contacts Support ...

And a DNS Server would be also great.




Thanks for the input.  Very interesting to see how many of the requests are application related (CalDAV) versus network (DNS) versus foundational (JAVA).  You've got a little bit of everything in your wishlist.

Really enabling the nss to use the already existing packages that are available for the qnaps would be the smartest use of time and resources.

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Thanks.  There is good and bad to both approaches.  But point heard.



i want the nss as only machine which is always powered on. therefor i would need some features

the ability to send magic packet frames for wake on lan

a name server and email server

a name server to manage the local names as soa and forward any other queries to official name servers

at the moment this is working on a linux system with bind

a mail server ( imap(s) / pop3(s) / smtp(s) ) for the local network with forward and get (as client) to an isp mailserver

like this

mail client <---LAN---> nss <---@---> internet mail server <---@---> rest of the internet

at the moment this is working on a linux system with postfix, dovecot and getmail

would be great if the nss could do this




Looks like email server and DNS are the popular requests today.    Thanks for the extra level of detail for your use case.  For the Wake on LAN request, you are looking for the Smart Storage to wake other devices on the network?

correct. the smart storage should wake workstations in the local network.

but i don't know if there is a need to build an application package therefor.

should be possible to create a web based application running on the nss webserver to do this job.

i'll try that as soon as my ordered nss arrive




Post back on your wake on LAN solution.  A simple php web app or phyton app should be able to do this.


Please make it one more. I would love to see mail and DNS server in there too. Small businesses would love those features.



I've got NSS322 model and would like to have support for Firebird database server there.

Is it possible by chance?

Thanking you in advance.


Thanks for the post.   What is the specific attraction to Firebird over mySQL which is already embedded in the Smart Storage platform?

doishi, thanks for reply.

we've got corporate database powered by Firebird.

i wish i could dispose of firebird server if it will be possible to arrange support of firebird on our new NSS322)

Thanking you in advance.


My wish list!

  • Bump uTorrent request!
  • OpenLDAP
  • EyeOS
  • Tiger CRM


Thanks for the input.