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Add-On PKG Applications Available - What Applications Do You Want (Wishlist)

Today we have multiple applications that run directly on the Smart Storage devices and can be installed via in the simple PKG process.   These are wide ranging applications that help with asset management, content management, e-commerce, web publishing (bulletin boards, wikis, etc), & e-learning systems.

Beyond what is is available now, what applications would you like to see?  We'd love to hear what you'd like to see.

Applications Available Now (version numbers)

  • GLPI (0.72.4)
  • Joomla (1.5.15)
  • Magento (
  • MediaWiki (1.16.0)
  • Moodle (1.9.9)
  • Open Web Analytics (1.3.1)
  • phpBB (3.0.7)
  • Python (2.5.2)

To Download Add-on PKG Applications:

  • Follow this link to the software center
  • Select Network Attached Storage
  • Select Small Business NSS 300 Series Smart Storage
  • Select your model (NSS322, NSS324, NSS326 Smart Storage)
  • Select Smart Storage Application Software
  • Select the version number for the appropriate application
  • Click Download Now

Release Notes for all the available for all applications

Support for free add-on PKG applications is through online community forums.


I understand yet I think this is a little harsh.

Did you really purchase a rebranded product thinking that somehow Cisco intended to outdo QNAP on their own devices? Cisco had a need to provide a solid solution and they have done it.

I think for our clients I would rather provide a Cisco branded solution than a QNAP solution. The primary need we have is iSCSI support for virtualization and Active Directory integration. If you recall Cisco's previous product had trouble with the latter, so I am glad they sourced QNAP for their needs.

I am glad that Cisco is making an effort to expand the packages they offer, but I expect (or hope) that Cisco will offer packages that QNAP doesnt pay attention to currently.

On the flip side, I do wish Cisco would release a small biz storage product based on their enterprise SANS using IOS, similar to the lovely ASA 5505 approach.

@Clive, @Klaas, @ Matthew,

Thanks for your comments.   The purpose of this thread is to provide the user community a voice in determining add-on PKG application priority.  While we have released some PKGs equivalent to our development partner, it is unlikely that we could devote the time to releasing and maintaining all of their applications.  To be honest, not all of the applications are suitable for the Cisco partner/user base.

While less time has been focused on PKGs, we have updated our software to include Cisco specific features such as Mozy online backup and the new Cisco Access Now remote access feature.

Cisco Access Now was just included in fw 1.4.  It will allow portal based login to your Smart Storage device without having to configure firewalls and port settings.  A very easy to use feature that will allow many more users to access their device and data while away from the office/home.

In the future we are always looking at improving our software.  This will include new features, improving existing features, and add-on applications.

Thanks again for your comments and participation in the community.

Hi doishi,

While I appreciate you taking the time to reply, I was extremely disappointed with the response. I've never expected you to provide the same set of packages as QNAP supply, but I did expect some timely updates and new features. Making a big play about 'Cisco Access Now' in the latest firmware, really gives us nothing we could do before, other than not requiring a simple change to the existing router. You provided no comments on when or even if you are likely to provide any new packages (there has been nothing and no word on packages for about five months) and the comment 'it is unlikely that we could devote the time to releasing and maintaining all of their applications' implies that there is very limited backend development occurring.

As Klaas said, the warranty was a big feature of buying the Cisco NAS. I don't require the Cisco specific packages such as a Radius server and I found the Mozy backup options a little expensive when compared to others - personally I would prefer to use Amazon S3 for my offsite backups.

Anyhow, I took the plunge over the weekend and took a backup of the Cisco DOM, then applied the QNAP DOM and firmware and restored all my shared directories. So I'm now running my NAS 322 as a QNAP TS-259 with the latest QNAP firmware, additional packages and backing up to Amazon S3.

I don't understand why you could not simply support the QPKG packages from QNAP, as the hardware is identical and the firmware very similar - maybe it was a licensing issue between Cisco and QNAP?

I now feel that I will get more timely updates, more optional functionality and a very active forum should problems or difficulties arise.

@Clive @Doishi

I too feel a little unloved by Cisco. Yes they provide prompt responses, but never actually provide any useful information.

e.g. Doishi says "There is a post in the community on how to enable transcoding on Twonky." Not even a link to point us in the right direction.

Doishi also states "The purpose of this thread is to provide the user community a voice in  determining add-on PKG application priority.  While we have released  some PKGs equivalent to our development partner, it is unlikely that we  could devote the time to releasing and maintaining all of their  applications.  To be honest, not all of the applications are suitable  for the Cisco partner/user base."

1. This thread has been established to determine what the Cisco partner / user base want for Add-on PKG.

2. When the Cisco user base state clearly what they want, the cisco user base are basically told to work out how to do it themselves.

3. I agree that not all applications are suitable for the cisco user base, but the ones that are requested in this thread clearly are!

4. Since this thread was started in Dec 2010, (6.5 months, not even 5% of the requests in this thread have been provided as PKG applications).

I have been wanting to turn my NSS into a QNAP for quite sometime now, but didn't know if it was possible.

What you have achieved will hopefully answer every request in this thread.

Do you have a guide which you followed to backup the CISCO DOM, apply the QNAP DOM & Firmware etc... or are you able to prepare a step by step guide for us all in this forum.

I am on the verge of sticking the NSS on eBay and changing for the QNAP.

Thanks for anybody who can offer a helping hand.

I'm with Clive.  I thank Doishi for taking the time to respond to feature requests in this forum.  It seems that for some reason he's the only person from his team tasked with fieldling questions and feature requests, which is unfortunate and honestly a little disturbing, especially when there are already rumors in the news of Cisco selling off its WebEx and Small Business Lines of Business.

I appreciate the Mozy and Remote Access now additions - honestly, the Mozy/Cisco play are the main reason I decided to go with Cisco NAS over other, much less expensive options.  That and knowing that Cisco stands behind its solutions of course.  It does feel a bit like Cisco really only has one foot in and one foot out the door of the storage solution though, and it's very disturbing.

Is there somewhere else we can go to get updates and more importantly a feature roadmap on this product line?  A channel account manager or someone else?  It would be nice to know that Cisco has put some resources against this and poor Doishi's not sitting at home coding feature requests by himself as we post them in this forum...

Dropbox Client!


Cisco Call Manager.


Alfresco (community edition)

SubVersion (note that Optware does not install properly- see my prior discussion post)

Flash Media Server

Ben Skinner

+1 for Call Manager.. Would love it!


+1 for Dropbox Client

For all the users that would like to use QNAP QPKGs, you now have a path to do so.

The new Cisco firmware 1.5 has just been released.  It will offer a migration path to QNAP branded software.  See the news thread below and be carefull about the disclaimers.

Ioan Pietraru


I want to replicate 2 ISCSI drives from 2 different NSS 324.

How can I do this ?


Are these 2 drives part of raids on the individual NSS or are they standalones?

Cisco Small Business Support Center

Randy Manthey

CCNA, CCNA - Security

are part of raids not standalons - are created under Disk management -> ISCSI -> target management

ioan pietraru

What loan Pietraru is looking for is offsite replication of his iSCSI LUN which is not possible with Cisco NAS. With QNAP firmware its possible because the QNAP allows snapshot for LUN and then you replicate the snapshot folder but its not practical. I tried it with my unit. 500GB LUN snapsho was taking 8+ hours and then replication took even longer with rsync.

In short, if you want good snapshot/replication functionality you will have to go with real SAN devices like EMC VNXe, Equallogic, NetApp etc. The features on QNAP or Cisco NAS are limited.

My 2 cents.

Thanks for reply

Yes I try offsite replicate but not snapshot for LUN, only replicate of data from ISCSI drive to other ISCSI drive or if I can directly to other NAS.