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Add-On PKG Applications Available - What Applications Do You Want (Wishlist)

Today we have multiple applications that run directly on the Smart Storage devices and can be installed via in the simple PKG process.   These are wide ranging applications that help with asset management, content management, e-commerce, web publishing (bulletin boards, wikis, etc), & e-learning systems.

Beyond what is is available now, what applications would you like to see?  We'd love to hear what you'd like to see.

Applications Available Now (version numbers)

  • GLPI (0.72.4)
  • Joomla (1.5.15)
  • Magento (
  • MediaWiki (1.16.0)
  • Moodle (1.9.9)
  • Open Web Analytics (1.3.1)
  • phpBB (3.0.7)
  • Python (2.5.2)

To Download Add-on PKG Applications:

  • Follow this link to the software center
  • Select Network Attached Storage
  • Select Small Business NSS 300 Series Smart Storage
  • Select your model (NSS322, NSS324, NSS326 Smart Storage)
  • Select Smart Storage Application Software
  • Select the version number for the appropriate application
  • Click Download Now

Release Notes for all the available for all applications

Support for free add-on PKG applications is through online community forums.


Its a great product!

We are a new Cisco partner (for SMB at least). Any direction you can point me in on this issue...

I am not sure how to get support or what we (or the customer qualifies for).

The community admin helped to move your post to the VPN discussion.  Hopefully someone familiar with VPN can point you in the right direction.  For storage questions, post here and we'll help out.

Thanks again!

Optware PKG is now available for download.  You can also find a nice summary of PKG applications and links to both release notes and download files at


Please add these to wishlist.

  • CVS or SVN Server
  • SMTP Server
  • IMAP Server
  • SMB Print Server

Any chance for some AntiVirus Software like ClamAV. Don't know if that would take up too many resources or if that comes under PKG applications?

Thanks for the input on anti-virus.  What are you trying to do with ClamAV?  Real-time scanning of files downloaded directly to the Smart Storage device? Scheduled scanning just for an extra layer of protection in case a computer isn't scanning files properly, etc.

You might want to check out the thread on Optware.

There is a ClamAV package built for Optware that will run on Smart Storage.  I don't know of anyone who has tried it, but might be something to look into for the short term.


Something major for customers would be Quickbooks Pro Server support and the same for Peachtree.

Also, LMTOOLS for CAD network license management would be nice. Lots of engineering clients we have still have to maintain a small server just to serve up CAD licenses.


Thanks for the comments.

I've heard requests for the QuickBooks database server to be placed on the Smart Storage.  I haven't heard of LMTOOLS for the CAD licenses, but I'll look into it.

One more vote for Quickbooks please!!!


Hi there, as a freelancer, I use this for both work and play...

I really feel that it would be useful to enable installation of qnap qpkg applications. It's the same box after all???

What I would really like is the following packages:

  • PS3 media server
  • twonky media server - with licence for video transcoding and audio transcoding e.g. for MKV files
  • A decent nzb application (nzbgetweb or similar)
    • Do you really expect most of the world to know how to telnet / ssh, enable root access to install and run these applications?
    • Do you really expect most of the world to want to create scripts / run these apps from the command line?
    • I wouldnt call myself a non techy - in fact, i have a CCNA, but this is way beyond me. Maybe offer a bit of support on installing 3rd party applications and running them if you will not be providing a nice gui.

Many thanks


Thanks for the input.  The reality is there is an unlimited amount of features and applications that can be enabled on the Smart Storage platform.  This discussion is just helping Cisco hear back from partners and users on what they are using and what would be useful in the future.  Helps prioritize development plans.

Releasing add-on PKGs like Optware definitely make it easier to enable new features/function/applications such as an nzb application.  I know it's not ideal.  Ideally everything would be a PKG download and install.  Helpful to some, but not all.

QPKG support is not planned.

Your application requests are similar to others on this thread.  We'll evaluate and prioritize.

Thank again


Hi, would love to see Squeezebox Server included in the supported apps...


Thanks for the input.  Always good to hear what media solutions everyone has interest in.

In the short term, there is an Optware iPKG available for SqueezeCenter.  You might want to read the thread on Optware.  This takes a bit of command line knowledge to get this installed.  You also need to install the Optware PKG application.


Hi, after that i've restored my NSS 324 to the factory settings, i've  lost the phpmyadmin package, where i can take it?? on the download page  of cisco there isn't this file but it is in my NAS when i've turned on  for the first time!

Sorry for my english...