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First Time Managed Cisco Switch (SG 220)

Hello all


I am the Technical person in our business , my primary responsiblity is helping customers use an external website . However I am looking to expand my expertise and deploy 2 VLANS internally , for the 20-40 users .   ( WIndows server/ AD later )


I had learned a little about configuring  VLANS  using console during college days . I experimented with Open source router firmware and  created two VLANS , on each of the two  routers ( Tomato Routers )  and a Trunk running between them ( One router on each floor )  , for testing purposes . I can access the different VLANS from the ports on the routers on each floor .  


Now I had just purchased two SG220 switches , with the idea  distribute the two VLANS across the  infrastructure on each floor  to the 30-50 Machines on the network .

Question is ; how will Cisco the 'play' with the Tomato Routers ; can they interpret a trunk coming from the Tomato ? Is there any information or guidance for this ?  The web interface is overwhelming for a newcomer - perhaps there is a shortened guide?

Alternatively is this best to do in CLI? 


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Re: First Time Managed Cisco Switch (SG 220)

I have added a diagram of the network


 As a test , I connected a second router and created a trunk between the two routers , simply by tagging the ports for both VLANS .


Now I want to do the same between the Router and the Cisco Switches - Does this make sense ?


Network Diag1.3.PNG