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iScsi connection with NAS NSS 324


I created an iSCSII target, (CHAP username and pass)with attached lun so that I can access it from both inside my LAN and outside from the internet. Accessing this target from within the LAN is not a problem.  When I try to access it from home, I cannot, not sure why under iSCSI initiator under discovered targets the target keeps on reconnecting and the drive is not connected.

Here is what I did:

-Make sure that port 3260 is open on my router 2911 so that I can access the iSCSII from the internet.  No luck

-For some reason, on my laptop when I connect through iscsii initiator my wireless goes down.?

Help plz

Frequent Contributor


First the reason you are having this problem is your portal address is on a private lan and you’re trying to access it from the internet. So when you make the initial connection it logs in and when the imitator attempts the second connection it looks at the portal address given by NSS which is private. Private addresses are not routable over the internet. Now if you need to access iSCSI locally and over the internet you will need to use vpn. Not sure why you would want to expose your data to (man in middle attack) over the internet as iSCSI without vpn is unsecure. Most iSCSI connections are done through a Vpn to secure the data.

If you try to connect through the Windows Vista/7 SCSI initiator, you will see that the Target Portal IP points to the internal IP of the Target. This can be done by checking selecting connect ••à advanced••àTarget Portal IP

(You will see their port 3260)


Alejandro Gallego
Cisco Employee

Adnan welcome to the Cisco community.

Like  Jason stated you really do not want to connect to your iSCSI target from the internet. One of the many reasons is the lack of bandwidth. On your LAN you can have up to 1GB connection (typically) but out in the ugly world at best you may have a 20MB connection; however, that is only down. Upload speeds tend to be much less, like 5MB or less. This makes for a very poor iSCSI connection.

This protocol is really meant for high bandwidth local routing. Creating a VPN tunnel, whether using the initiators or another means makes for larger overhead and less usefull when sending it our the WAN.

As for your wireless, you may want to take a look at your router settings and make sure you are not exceeding transmit and receive buffers and it would be best if you were connected on a "full" wireless N network. Full 'N' which is transmitted over the 5GHz band and typically has real connectivity speeds of about 100Mb or better should give you a decent connection. I have found that wireless 'g' is just not up to the task and not really worth the effort.

Lastly, what are you using the iSCSI function for, an application, storage, etc?