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Moving Data from NSS2000 to Smart Storage

(From Davin Oishi)

Question: Can I take drives from  an NSS2000, NSS3000, NSS4000, NSS6000 unit and place it in a Cisco Smart  Storage device and see the data

Answer: No.  The data is not stored in a  format that can be read by both platforms.  There are multiple ways to  move data from an NSS2000/3000/4000/6000 unit to a Smart Storage device

* Map both  devices from a Windows PC and drag and drop the files you want to  migrate to the Smart Storage Device

* Use the built in Download  Station on the Smart Storage.  You can initiate an FTP download of the  files you want to move from the FTP server on the NSS2000/3000/4000/6000

*  Drag and drop files from Finder within a MAC.  Both platforms have  native MAC OS support.

* Mount both devices in a linux environment  and copy files from one folder to another

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