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NSS 326 - Hard Drive Failure?

Our NSS 326 started acting slowly about 4 days ago. After rebooting Friday night, which took a while, I was able to access the web interface and file shares Saturday morning. The status light was not red and all of the drive lights were green, there were no errors in the log. Accessing the files was a bit slower than normal but not nearly as bad as it had been on Friday.

On monday morning I was unable to access the web interface or file shares. I rebooted again Monday evening, the staus light came on as red Tuesday morning and Drive One light is red. This NSS is configured with a RAID 6 spanning all 6 drives. The message on the screen says Mount Volume Please Wait. I am unable to access the web interface. Is this a simple matter of Drive one needing to be replaced or has something else gone wrong? The user manual says I should be able to access the web interface in the event of a drive failure. I'd go ahead and put in a new drive for Drive one, but i want to make sure it isn't going to cause problems with the RAID. I find it strange that I can't access the web interface.

About a month ago we updated the firmware. I have no reason to suspect that this is the root of the problem as it was running fine after the update. It is currently on firmware version 1.5.0


Problem solved. While not in the documentation. with a drive one failure, an NSS will fail to boot. The drive has to be removed before it will boot up successfully.

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Thanks for posting - yes it depends on problem of drive. if the NSS can read some of the data then it's possible it will cause the unit not to fully boot or take a really long time since it will run a scan on the drive to verify the integrity of that drive. Now after the scan , if it can't fix the drive it will skip and cause a RAID failure and then the NSS should boot. If the drive fails completely then it should come up without any problems with RAID failure.