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NSS3000 RAID5 stopped

Hallo Community!

I faced a RAID5 stopped today, restart seems to be not possible. There was only one WARNING in the log:

2012-03-14 12:20:12 volume [RAIDA - thot] is 90 percent full.

Other items seem to be OK:

Hardware Monitors: all OK

Disk Status: all OK and online

for all disks:

SMART overall-health self-assessment test result: PASSED

There are - for a specific user - some years of work at stake?!

Is there any way to recover the stoppes RAID array?

Thank you for your suggestions.


Anybody who has some thoughts about "raidextract"?

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Most likely you will need to take the drives out of the NSS have someone try an mount the RAID on a Linux server. The file system is EXT 3 mark each drive with it's physical location they'll need to know RAID level 5. They'll try and restart the RAID or run recovery commands to see if it's recoverable. If not you'll have to try a data recovery company.

You'll need to find someone creditable first - don't take it just to anyone if you are really wanting your data off, because if that person does not know what he/she is doing they can cause further damage.

NAS are great for storage but many people think they will last forever and don't think about what if we have physical failure as you have. you need minimum of one backup of all important data weekly and can be stored on external hard drive that isn't plugged into the system all the time. This way you would have only lost a weeks worth of work.

Proper disaster recovery best practices we would see a backup of your data to another storage unit and from that unit customers backs up that data to an external drive that can be carried off site or another backup job is moving your data off site. This way you'll only have little to no data lose.

I wanted give this extra information as knowledge is power; i know this will not help you now but will help in your future.

***Knowledge is Power***



Hallo jasbryan!

Thank you for your reply. I can accept your opinion. However WE are the experts and this is not an end usre forum, isn't it, So I go ahead extracting the disks and reconstruction.

The only things I have to critizice:

- if there is a known problem with CISCO's RAID setup (full RAID units), I would expect at least a system warning or an controlled halt to enable the user to remove/backup data. There is no error listed other then the 90% full and no administrative hint. From information garthered at other places this could be an issue here.

- It could not be an hardware failure as NSS3000 seems to work fine with other disks and the original disks show no error with other diagnosis tools... So it is a bit of "ease" to show white gloves as a representative.

You are right my customer disabled of site backup via internet because of bandwith issues. However the NSS3000 failed fatal without a previous warning even all Hardware seems to be good. That tells me something about the software setup...



Yea I have only seen this behavior a few other times with other NSS3000 - I have only seen this issue occur a few other times with units that have been in the field running a really long time. I don't know if it's due to hard drive failure or what but i have seen occur in mine units where the hard drive stops spinning. I had to pull and reset hard drive to get it back online but i have never had more than one hard drive stop spinning for any reason. If more than two disk fails like this could stop your RAID. Again I’m just guessing as these are older units and i haven't worked with them in depth like i had the newer ones.