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NSS3000 Very slow network, Drops connection

I am working with an NSS3000 that has some major network issues.  The device is on  a 100mb network.  Copying a 4mb zip file takes over a minute.  If you try to extract the zip file from the share to anywhere on the device it runs for about 5 minutes and errors out saying that they drive may be full.  I have checked all of the network settings (of which there aren't very many) and am stuck.  I have upgraded the firmware to 1.20.1.  Replaced network cables, tried different ports, and adjusted the MTU.

The only network service we use on the box is CIFS.

I connect to the device with an XP Pro machine.

Any thoughts?

Frequent Contributor

Re: NSS3000 Very slow network, Drops connection


Just a few questions, how long has the NSS been in production? Was this working fine the all of a sudden becoming slow? Of course a 4Mb file should be instant. I have tested this is a lab and with no problems just now. What does your topology look like, what device models is in your network, like switch , router , etc. You said you tried to plug into different ports, question which ports and on what device? Did you plug into a different device like the router if NSS was plugged into a switch. Tried to give a little more details so we could have a better picture and idea? Also look into the NSS to make sure the hard drives are not having any errors (read/write errors). Also since you might be doing alot of configuration changes i would recommend backing up all data on NSS device if you haven't already done so.


Jason Bryant