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NSS322 temperature monitoring

I have a NS322 equipped with 2 WDC WD20EARS-00S8B1 2TB disks and running with the latest firmware (1.1.0). The system performance is fine, the features (compared to QNAP) could be more, but that is a different story.

The system is placed in a room which has a temperature around 26 deg. Celsius (unfortunately the only possible location, currently). Interestingly, when I start the system, it immediately after boot displays the following temperatures (all in degree Celsius):

CPU 35, System 44 (!), HDD1 35, HDD2 36. Fan speed 1403.

After a couple of minutes with minima load on the system the values are as follows:

CPU 42, System 50 (!!), HDD1 38, HDD2 37. Fan speed 1415.

Now it happens that every few minutes the fan starts speeding up to 4000+ rpm and makes an incredible noise. (Note: This is for home/small business use.)

I suspect that the temp sensor for the system temperature is now well calibrated. Off by about 10 degrees. Is there any way to verify or fix this? Is this a known behaviour or is  the system defective?

The "smart" fan configuration allows either a standardised config with the system temp threshold for high fan speed at 47 deg. or manual config with settings solely for the system temp. Since I suspect the system temperature a bad indicator, I would rather have the disk or CPU temperatures in a manual configuration. Thus, I am not happy with the configuration options. Any suggestions?




Answering my own question:

It seems that there is a "design mismatch". I checked the forums at (*), who build systems which very much look like Cisco's - and I assume that the internals are also very much alike. The fact that the system temp is 10 degrees higher than the CPU might be caused by either a very power hungry chipset on the board or a bad positioning and poor calibration of the sensor. Nevertheless, it seems that the "smart fan control" is not able to operate the system under normal condition without upspinning the fan. I now consider returning the device under warranty and see whether there exist some devices that have different specs... :-(


(*) Here is the link: