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NSS4000 Degraded Array After Power Failure

Our NSS4000 has recently suffered a power failure, and it looks like when it came back up, one of the drives has become detached and now the array is showing up in a degraded state (4 drives total, 3 drives still in the array).  At least that's what I suspect has happened, as unfortunately, I've inherited responsibility of this device and have  no idea how it was originally configured before the power failure so I  can't verify what was done prior to the problem now.

None of the drives are showing any failures (they all show a passed health scan and are online with no amber lights on the drives themselves), but before I attach it to the raid5 array and let it rebuild, I just wanted to make sure this wasn't indicative of another issue or potential loss of the array's data.

It's a raid5 array, total size of 2.72 TB (each of the 4 drives are 1TB drives).

Am I safe in simply attaching the last drive and letting the array rebuild?  My hesitation is due to the fact that after the nas came back up, it didn't automatically bring the array back up on it's own, and shows the array in a degraded state despite the drives not having any problems.

Any advise greatly appreciated.