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NSS4000 firmware update failing (stall)

dear colleagues,

my attempts to upgrade the firmware on our linksys NSS4000 fail. after selecting the downloaded image NSS4000_fwupgrade_0116.tar.gz in the management tool and hitting "upgrade firmware" I get a "downloading image" message, then it says "programming image" - and stalls. it never recovers from that screen. a second http-session on the NSS4000 after some minutes shows that there has been no firmware update, it is still displaying firmware verion 1.12-3 (and did not reboot).

what do I do wrong? do I need to install the patches version on version until I reach the concurrent 1.16, in other words, might it be impossible to skip the patches between 1.12 and 1.16?

any help is appreciated. thanks in advance,


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Re: NSS4000 firmware update failing (stall)

what ever happened with your upgrade?

i'm in the midst of the same upgrade, and it too is sitting at "Programming Image"

the difference is I can't open a second http session nor connect to any shares at the moment.

i'm a little concerned to be honest.


Re: NSS4000 firmware update failing (stall)

ok correction: i am able to get connected via a seperate http session, but cannot currently access any shares.

the 'programming image' is still spinning.

did you eventually just reboot the thing or did it actually complete?


Re: NSS4000 firmware update failing (stall)

we have not been able to update the Firmware to Date due to the

reported error. I don't see anything to try and to be honest I hoped

for any Suggestion of a cisco official...

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Re: NSS4000 firmware update failing (stall)

I am having this same issue. CISCO REP HOW DO I RESOLVE THIS????? Please provide support.

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Re: NSS4000 firmware update failing (stall)


Lets look at what type of browser are you using when trying to up load the firmware, first make sure you're using an older IE browser like IE7. Since this is legacy device the newer IE might not work completely. I haven't had any problems updating firmware to our NSS4000 so we will need to get some information. After attempting with an older version of IE and this still doesn't work. Please give me the output of your logs from the NSS.


Jason Bryant,

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Re: NSS4000 firmware update failing (stall)

When this happens it is not a good idea to try to log back into the unit. What we need to do is just wait a good solid 15min which is more than enough time for the image to upload and complete. Typically we saw the "programing image" stall on older FW but I have seen this on newer FW.

After waiting some time go ahead and shutdown the NSS via the power button, then turn it back on. BEFORE you log back into the NSS make sure to DUMP all cahced data from your browser.

Thats it. Not likely that the NSS has a bad image is just a random thing. If the update actually failed, then re-run it and follow the above steps, only if it hangs on "programing image"

good luck!