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NSS6000 - Impossible connection after freeze

Hi everyone,

I need your help because I have a problem with my NSS6000.

Some information before explaining my problem:

Last firmware installed (1.21 of February 2011)

LAN with IP fix under workgroup

4 HDD of 1To identical (30% max of use). RAID 5 or 10, I don’t remember.

4 shared folders on CIFS.

2 users (read and write right on all files and folders) + 1 administrator.

1 PC with Vista (Wifi)

1 iMac with OS X (Wifi).

A week ago, I transferred a big group of photos (several Go size) from NSS to iMac. The transfer speed was ok but, during transfer, a popup appeared saying that I was disconnecting from NSS.

So I connected again and, this time, I transferred smaller group of photos. After some transfers I was disconnecting again, and then I was disconnecting each time I tried a transfer, until I could not connect any more to NSS.

So I reboot NSS from the web interface.

After this reboot, it was impossible to connect from iMac. I could connect me from the PC, but with significant latency and frequent disconnections.

So I did an hard reboot in order to reset settings.

Setting of network and sharing of 1 folder in CIFS + NFS + FTP.

Then, the connection with the iMac is still impossible, and quasi impossible with the PC.

The web interface is also inaccessible and the leds of the 4 HDD is winking simultaneously (the NSS returns the PING with average of 2ms).

I think the 4 HDD are working even if I don’t understand why I can’t access to them.

My NSS is working like this for 6 days and it doesn’t seem to finish shortly.

Someone can help me because I don’t know what I can do, and I must not lose my data on NSS.

Thank you.


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