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NSS6000 Input power alerts


I am currently running 11 x NSS6000 units of which 2 of the units are being written to constantly by DVR servers. I have recently turned on the email alert functionality on the NAS devices and I am now periodically recieving alerts receieving input power related alerts from the 2 most active devices. The alerts state the following: "+12V below threshold value". I am receiveing approximately 2 or 3 of those alerts per device per day now.

It does not seem to be affecting the productivity of the devices, so I am wondering if anyone else is seeing those types of alerts? Should I just be ignoring them? Is the threshold set too high, and if so, what is the likelyhood of getting an updated firmware to overcome this problem?

I am currently running on the latest firmware revision (i.e. v1.14).

Any help or feedback on this would be much appreciated.



I don't know of any issues with the 12V HW monitoring.   I'm assuming you are using 4 drives in the unit.  Can you reply with the HDD MFG P/N information?  In the DVR use case, are you primarily writing or reading from the NAS?

Davin, thanks for your reply.

I am running 4 drives in each of the units. The drive model number is Western Digital RE2 Green - WD1000FYPS. I used these drives as they were on the approved vendor list issues by Cisco (as attached).

We are primarily writing to the NAS via the DVR server. There is very little read activity occuring on the NAS.

Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

Hi Mark,

Are you still having issues with your NSS6000 or were you able to figure it out? If you still have questions, please let me know and I'll try to get you an answer.


Cisco Moderation Team

I am still getting Monitor Alerts from the NSS6000's (i.e. +12V below threshold value). I have noticed that we are now also recieving some of these alerts from NSS6000 devices which have no to little HDD activity. I should also note that even though I am receiving these alerts that it does not appear to have any affect on the NAS devices. I can not see any adverse effect at all. I am now thinking of just turning off the emailing of all monitoring alerts (not ideal) so we stop receiving these emails from the NSS6000 devices. It appears as though the threshold is just too sensitive for the devices.

We've not been able to reproduce anything similar to this behavior.  And we have no reported issues with 12V power.  We suggest that you remove the monitoring trigger from your email event list.

Do you have the units connected to a UPS with a clean power signal to the NSS devices?  The only thing I can think of is the AC power is somehow impacting the NSS unit.  And you notice this more on units with the hard drives under load since that will obviously use more power.

I had the same issue on my NSS6000 running 4x Hitachi 500Gb HDD.

My NSS is powered via an APC SMART 2200VA UPS although i have not ticked the box to activate the UPS support as i do not have the USB lead connected.

My answer was to remove the Monitor Alert - I still see the error in the log file but i don't get the email.



My NSS6000 is equipped with 4 Hitachi HUA721010KLA330 SATA discs (1TB each, Firmware Version: GKAOAB0). They are mentioned in the approved vendor list by CISCO as to be compatible with the NSS6000. The NSS6000 is not connected to a UPS. In our area we don't have undervoltage on the power lines (about +232V). I am the only user so far and there is little write and read activity. I also configured the NSS6000 to send e-mails if there is a problem detected with the power supply.

This is a excerpt of the log:

2009-07-30 01:00:11 +12V below threshold value
2009-07-29 20:55:11 +12V below threshold value
2009-07-29 19:55:14 +12V below threshold value
2009-07-18 11:45:11 +12V below threshold value
2009-07-09 10:05:09 +12V below threshold value
2009-06-14 22:00:08 SMART Temperature failure on SATA4.   1) see below

2009-06-11 21:50:10 +12V below threshold value

2009-06-08 10:42:14 The last NAS Shutdown was not clean    2) see below

2009-06-07 20:15:11 +12V below threshold value
2009-06-07 17:45:10 +12V below threshold value
2009-06-07 16:40:12 +12V below threshold value
2009-06-02 23:20:11 +12V below threshold value
2009-06-02 23:10:11 +12V below threshold value
2009-06-02 23:00:13 +12V below threshold value

Sometimes when a mail arrives in my inbox I check the voltages:

+12V+11.47V<-- 'undervoltage' !

Everthing is O.K. with the exception of the +12V power: It is constantly below +12V. As far as I could observe, the e-mails will be sent if the voltage goes below +11.5V. Yes, I agree that the voltage falls below +12V / +11.5V when there is activity on the discs.

In my opinion there indeed is a problem with the power supply. The reasons for the 'undervoltage' can be:
a) the tolerances of the used components within the power supply are affecting the voltage in negative way.
b) power consumption of the attached discs is to high
c) the power supply is to weak

Anyway, this problem can not be controlled by the user, it has to be checked by CISCO.On the other hand, 0 to 1.0V 'undervoltage' on a +12V supply in my eyes is acceptable.

1) SATA4 (next to the power supply) alwas has higher temperature than the others.

This is because of the slightly worse ventilation of the disc "behind" the power suply. - This could be a subject for another posting
2) this was a power outage in our area



I was looking over past posts on the 12v alert, have you heard anything back from the Cisco peeps on this, I too am turning off the alerts. this didn't start to alert me untill after the Symantec BU Exec 1.16-3 patch. Thanks

Hi John,

No, I have not recieved any additional information for Cisco on this matter.

I have turned off the email alerts since March this year and continue to see the alerts in the log files, but no more anoying emails.

I would have to put this down to an issue with the monitoring deamon - either too sensative or defective.



I have this errors on my NSS6000 with 4x 750GB Seagate, also turned off the mails, but

wondering that nobody here can fix this.

Alejandro Gallego
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

There will be a new FW to be released soon (soon unfortunately is relative and I hope the powers that be see this post and tell us when soon is).

I have some screenies posted.

As posted by another user having an under voltage of less than 1 is typically not a big deal. What is annoying are the alerts that are sent. My screenies show the new FW and also an undervoltage, but no alerts are generated because the NSS is functioning as expected. Aside from checking the power source to make sure you are receiving clean power we will just have to hang tight a little longer.

REMEMBER: When installing new FW always install it twice back to back. This will ensure that all of the old code is removed from ROM and subsequent reboots will not pick up old code and cause issues.

We have the same error message after upgrading the latest firmware 1.6 which was installed back to back. Has this case somehow been resolved? Attached error message.



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