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OS X Lion and NSS 326

I've got a Cisco NSS 326 NAS and have recently run into a problem with OS X Lion Developer Preview and authentication to the NAS. When connecting to the NAS over AFP as guest I can access the NAS just fine. However, when I try and authenticate I get an error that reads:

"The version of the server you are trying to connect to is not supported. Please contact your system administrator to resolve the problem."

I've read on another site ( that this has to do with the version of AFP that is running on the NAS compared to the new version that OS X Lion is using AFP 2.

Does anyone have a solution to enable the NAS to support AFP 2 or are there any plans to support this from Cisco any time soon?


I'm having the same problem.  If anyone has any answers it would be great!


I too am having this problem.  Upgraded to release of OS X 10.7, now I can't access my drives, and worst of all Time Machine is no longer working because of the same issue.

Cisco Employee

I also have the same issue - upgraded to Lion (OSX 10.7)  and I can no longer AFP to NSS-326 via AFP (CIFS was okay, butI wanted to use AFP).  

There is a work around until a software update is released: 

look at:

Make a few chagnes to Lion and you can then access NSS326 via AFP - I have validated this procedure and it works for me.  However, make a note - TimeMachine still doesn't work even with the work around/modifications to Lion.


Some background on TimeMachine. This does *not* look promising for updates...


Here is the workaround I used. Works like a charm. Was a bit of a pain having to do for 10 iMacs but at least it is something until Cisco has a fix.


I'm suffering the same problem here, thank god I only upgraded one of the 86 Mac's that we're running, can anyone from Cisco please provide us with an update on this one.

I actually find this quite shocking as the Developer preview of OS X Lion has been around for quite a few months, so I really don't see an excuse for this.


Hi all,

I want to inform that currently OS X Lion is not compatible with the Cisco 300 series Smart Storage. In Apple's new OS X Lion a new version of AFP protocol (AFP v2). The Cisco Smart Storage only supports AFP v1.

I am sure there will be an update since apple has released its new AFP protocol but no ETA time right now.

Above David Cappello did specify a workaround for AFP access but Time Machine is still broken.



Cisco Support Engineer



Hi Jasbryan,

Thank you for the update, could we please have an "official" update on this issue from Cisco on this issue please?

As at present none of my office's Mac's can use the NSS 324 for TimeMachine backup's which is why we purchased this unit in the first place.

If this continues I will be removing all the Cisco kit that we own out of our offices, and replacing it with some other vendors kit.

I would like to understand why Cisco let this happen, as the developer preview of Lion has been out for months now, and could we please also have an ETA on a fix for this please?

Thank you



As mentioned in the prior posts, the development team is reviewing the issue.  The delay is due to the licensing and reverse engineering regarding Time Machine.  Time Machine is not an open standard.  Cisco will post any new work arounds or new firmware images to the support forum as they become available.



I think the frustration lies in that the developer preview has been out since February, and it seems like the ball just got started rolling right now 4-5 months later, instead of back then.

From the non-timeline, and the slower release (ie still not supporting 3tb drives), it seems we won't see an update for this for 2-3 motnhs at least...

Now had we been warned up front, before we upgraded and found out, that would be another story...


Note that our friends with QNAP equipment are expecting an update in the next 2 or three weeks:

Let's cross fingers we will also get it soon...




The main reason that we bought this device for our company was the AFP support and Time Machine, we looked at other makes and models, and decided on Cisco, as we didn't mind paying more, as we thought that the support would be a lot better from a company that specialises in business equipment.

However this has really changed the way that I feel about Cisco now, there was no update to tell people not to upgrade, I have still not been given an ETA as to when this is likely to be rectified, and at present I stuck with a device on my network that is now a pretty expensive piece of junk until Cisco manage to pull their finger out, and actually come up with a fix for this one.

I do apologise if this seems really harsh, but honestly you guys could have done a lot more to prevent this. From Peter's post above it seems that the QNAP release may just be 2-3 weeks away, which is a good sign, but unfortunately that means that at present I have an company that is no longer backing up our Macs, which is not acceptable.

I would like to know what Cisco will be doing, if anything to compensate people for this issue, as this really is unacceptable. At this point I we will no longer be purchasing any Cisco kit going forward, as I honestly expected a lot more from you guys.

If you could please also let me have a response to my question about a rough ETA on the issue with the devices, namely TimeMachine and AFP, so that we know if we have to go and buy a few Time Machines in the interim?

If the ETA is longer than a week away, could you please give me the contact details of someone in Cisco so that I can speak to them about this issue, and also see what sort of compensation we will be recieving on this one.

Thank you


How will we be informed when an update is available?

Thanks.  Spent 3 hours yesterday trying to figure out what the problem was until I found this thread!


Is anyone from Ciso going to give us an update at all, as this is really getting ridiculous. At present I'm sitting here with a very expensive piece of hardware that is worthless!

Once again, could we please have the contact details of someone at Cisco that we can escalate this matter to, as it seems that Cisco really don't seem to care about it's customers anymore?

Hey at this point, just a reasonable reply from someone at Cisco would be useful giving us an ETA, and also letting us know how they will be notifying us that a new release is out, or even if it will be coming out.